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Al Qaeda in Iraq leaders Al Masri, Baghdadi confirmed killed

Iraqi and US forces killed Abu Ayyub al Masri and Abu Omar al Baghdadi, the top two leaders of al Qaeda in Iraq, and two aides, and detained 16 others. Iraqi forces detained two al Qaeda operatives in a separate raid. Insurgents killed two Iraqis in a bombing in Baqubah.

Iraqi security forces keep US drawdown on track

US and Iraqi forces kill Al Masri and Baghdadi, al Qaeda in Iraq's top two leaders

Abu Ayyub al Masri and Abu Omar al Baghdadi were killed during raids in the Thar Thar region. Also killed were a top aide to al Masri and Baghdadi's son.

General Ray Odierno said the US plan to reduce forces to 50,000 troops by Sept. 1 is on target. Security forces detained 10 wanted men in Basrah and a top al Qaeda fighter in Ramadi. A US soldier died in a helicopter accident in northern Iraq.

Top general says US withdrawal from Iraq on track

Insurgents killed the wife of the leader of the Awakening council in Baghdad; the leader and his son were wounded. Security forces detained 11 smugglers on the border with Jordan and an IED cell leader in Hawijah. One of the top leaders of the Anbar Awakening said Iraqiya has a constitutional right to form the next government.

Prime Minister Maliki said the rival Iraqiya party must be included in the next government. Insurgents killed an Iraqi singer in Baghdad. Security forces detained 37 wanted men in Jalawlaa and 16 more in Basrah, five Mahdi Army fighters north of Baghdad, and four al Qaeda operatives in Mosul.

Afghanistan - US doubles anti-Taliban special forces

Insurgents killed five civilians in Mosul. The decayed bodies of 14 executed civilians were found in a grave in Samarra. Iraqi forces detained 11 al Qaeda operatives just north of Baghdad and 23 wanted men in Basrah.

Insurgents killed a police brigadier, a soldier, two civilians, and a Sunni imam in attacks in Baghdad and Mosul. Security forces detained 13 insurgents in Kirkuk and an al Qaeda operative southeast of Baghdad.

Officials say Iraqi forces foil 9/11-style plot

Five Iraqis were killed in bombings in Baghdad and Basrah. Security forces detained 14 wanted men in Basrah, Mosul, and Kirkuk; four al Qaeda fighters in Touz Khourmato; and a "high ranking gunman" in Fallujah. General Odierno will step down as the US Forces Iraq commander at the end of the summer.

A suicide bomber killed a policeman and a civilian in Mosul. Two soldiers were killed in a car bombing in Abu Ghraib. Security forces detained seven al Qaeda fighters in Kirkuk, and seven wanted men in Basrah and five more near Mosul. Prime Minister Maliki denied reports that his party had formed a coalition with the Sadrists; Muqtada al Sadr rejected the idea of Maliki serving another term.

Iraqi Security Forces killed two Saudi al Qaeda operatives and an Iraqi near Kirkuk, and detained six al Qaeda operatives in and around Baghdad, and three wanted men in Basrah. Security forces killed an insurgent and detained two more in Shurqat. An insurgent sniper killed a Kurdish man in Kirkuk.

Dramatic drop in deaths in Mosul

Insurgents killed two policemen, two soldiers, an Awakening leader, and a child in attacks in Mosul, Ninewa, and Babil. Security forces killed three al Qaeda fighters and detained three more in Baghdad and northern Iraq, and arrested 15 wanted men in Basrah and Diyala, and two weapons smugglers on the Syrian border.

Iran wants Sunnis in Iraqi politics

Insurgents killed two off duty policemen in Mosul. Iraqi security forces detained two al Qaeda operatives in Mosul and another near Baghdad, and a Naqshabandiya fighter in Kirkuk. A cleric loyal to Mahdi Army leader Muqtada al Sadr denounced Prime Minister Maliki.

Insurgents killed two US soldiers in northern Iraq and a civilian in Mosul. A terrorist was killed in a premature detonation in Mosul. Iraqi Security Forces detained three insurgents in Kirkuk and two al Qaeda suspects in Mosul.