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Iraq isn't as bad as you thought

Odierno: Iraq can help stabilize the Middle East

Terrorists in Baghdad executed a family of eight and beheaded some of them; the killers have been captured. Insurgents killed two policemen and two soldiers in Mosul, three policemen in Ramadi, one policeman in Kirkuk, and a professor in Baghdad. Security forces arrested four wanted men in Basrah.

Iraq - Report seeks sole agency to rebuild war zones

Insurgents killed five policemen in Khanaqin and another in Mosul. A suicide bomber wounded two people in an attack outside a mosque in Kirkuk. Security forces detained eight wanted men in Basrah and two al Qaeda operatives north of Al Kut. Two US soldiers died in a helicopter crash in northern Iraq.

Top US commander sees progress in Iraq and Afghanistan

Iraq looks to the al-Qaeda vote

The Sunni National Dialogue Front will boycott the election. Iranian forces crossed the border in northern Diyala. Iraq security forces detained an al Qaeda cell leader responsible for planning female suicide bombings. Also arrested were three IED cell members in Mosul and three terrorists involved in a suicide attack in Ramadi.

Security forces detained an al Qaeda assassination cell leader and a cell member in Baghdad and two insurgents in Kirkuk, and seized two suicide vests in Ramadi. Insurgents killed a policeman in Mosul. The US will change the name of the Iraqi mission to Operation New Dawn starting September.

Iraq elections: Snapshot

A suicide bomber killed 13 Iraqis in an attack outside the Anbar governor's office in Ramadi. A car bombing outside a police headquarters in Mosul wounded 23 Iraqis, including 15 policemen. Security forces detained an al Qaeda assassination cell leader and 10 fighters during raids in Baghdad, Al Kut, and in central Iraq.

General says 2 Iraq politicians have ties to Iran

US Forces Iraq commander General Odierno said two top members of the are Justice and Accountability Committee "clearly are influenced by Iran." Security forces detained five wanted men in Baghdad and four more in Basrah. Insurgents killed a Christian student in Mosul and kidnapped a journalist and a civil servant in Kirkuk.

Just weeks before elections, specter of sectarian violence resurfaces in Iraq

Iraq: Senior cleric deplores Christian killings in north

Insurgents killed two police officers in a bombing outside of the Criminal Evidence Department in Mosul and four civilians in separate attacks in Mosul and Anbar. Security forces detained 21 wanted men in Basrah, 10 insurgents in Diyala, and seven al Qaeda IED cell members in Ash Sharqat.

Facing death, freed Iraq detainees may fight again

Security forces killed an al Qaeda leader and detained seven IED cell members in Baghdad and Mosul, and detained 30 wanted men in Thi Qhar, Kirkuk, and Anbar. Insurgents killed an Iraqi soldier and two civilians in attacks in Mosul.

Insurgents killed six Iraqis in shootings and IED attacks in Baghdad, Diyala, and Kirkuk. Security forces detained 12 wanted men in Basrah and six insurgents near Kirkuk. Iraqi officials said 145 candidates have been barred from upcoming elections due to Baathist ties.

Security forces detained 18 wanted men in Basrah, five members of al Qaeda IED cells in Rashidiyah and Baqubah, two terrorists in Al Kut, and an insurgent in Mosul. Insurgents killed a civilian in Mosul. Twenty-eight candidates banned from running for office have been reinstated.