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Syria's Qaeda chief warns West against continued strikes

Al Qaeda Leader Warns of Revenge for Airstrikes

Obama: US underestimated rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Obama Says US Underestimated the Rise of ISIS

PKK commander threatens to resume war

The fake sheikh: Why the media repeats Ali Hatem's false 'claim'

The US destroyed four Islamic State armed vehicles and a fighting position in airstrikes in Irbil. The Islamic State killed 11 civilans and two soldiers in bombings in Mahmudiyah, Mishada, and Tuz Khurmatu.

Airstrikes in Syria continue to focus on Islamic State, not al Qaeda

US hits jihadists in Syria as UK bombers fly over Iraq

Arab nations join Syria strikes as Al Nusrah Front threatens retaliation

Iran threatens to attack ISIS 'deep' inside Iraq

The US launched seven airstrikes against Islamic State targets near Kirkuk, Baghdad, and Al Qaim. Britain, Belgium, and Denmark agreed to join the US in targeting the Islamic State inside Iraq, but not in Syria. The headquarters element of the 1st Infantry Division will deploy to Iraq.

Islamic State assaults Baiji oil refinery

Al Nusrah Front trainer suspected of plotting against 2004 NATO summit killed in US airstrikes

One of the first reported casualties of the US-led bombing campaign earlier this week was an Al Nusrah Front commander known as Abu Yusuf al Turki. He had been training al Qaeda snipers in Syria. He was previously suspected of plotting to attack the 2004 NATO summit in Turkey.

Kurds see Turkey impeding ISIS fight

French, US planes strike Islamic State, Britain to join coalition

Hours after tourist killed, France says does not rule out Syria strikes

The US launched 11 airstrikes against the Islamic State in Irbil, Kirkuk, and Baghdad provinces. France also conducted airstrikes in Iraq. Prime Minister Abidi said the Islamic State is plotting attacks in Paris and New York City. The military claimed it killed 18 Islamic State fighters in Jurf al Sakhar. Five people were killed in two bombings in Mahmudiyah.

Islamic State overruns Iraqi military base in Anbar

The Islamic State organized and successfully executed the large-scale assault despite six weeks of continuous US air operations in Iraq.

Senior Islamic State military commander, 'emir of suicide bombers' among Treasury's terrorism designations

Islamic State military leader Omar al Shishani and 'emir of suicide bombers' Tariq Bin Al Tahar Bin Al Falih Al 'Awni Al Harzi were among five members of the group added to the terrorism list today.