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Iraq combat deaths at 6-year low

Iraq: Exit strategy is still forming

Iraqi security forces detained 25 wanted men in Baghdad, six al Qaeda fighters in Diyala and four more in Ninewa, three Naqshabandiya group members near Kirkuk, a Special Groups leader in Al Kut, and an IED maker in Mosul. A car bmb killed one policeman and wounded two others in Mosul.

In Mosul, Iraq's insurgency refuses to be tamed

In US, more optimism about Iraq, less about Afghanistan

Iraqi troops 'ready to take over Basra'

Young Marine recalls life-changing experiences at COP Karama

Iraq: Country headed in new direction

Iraqis are overwhelmingly positive about the security situation, the future, and prospects for democracy. Iraqi forces detained 57 wanted men in Basrah, 16 al Qaeda fighters in Diyala, 12 Naqshabandiya group members in Kirkuk, and four members of a "murder gang" and two wanted men in Amarah. Iraq's defense minister said the military will focus on intelligence capabilities in preparation for the US departure.

The US military and the Iraqi military both confirmed that an Iranian UAV was shot down east of Baghdad in late February. Iraqi forces detained 103 wanted men during a sweep in Basrah and five more in Kirkuk, and a policeman in Maysan. A US soldier was killed in Baghdad.

US military confirms it shot down Iranian drone

Dramatic advances sweep Iraq, boosting support for democracy

Iraqi ground forces 'total force' mobilization structure

A look at existing and planned ground components of the Iraqi Armed Forces at the end of Phase 3 development in 2020.

President Talabani will step down from office after his term expires at the end of the year. Security forces detained 36 wanted men in Basrah, five in Hillah, and four more in Wasit, as well as four al Qaeda fighters in Baqubah and one near Samarra. Four members of the Kurdistan Workers Party were killed during airstrikes by the Turkish military.

Two Iraqi soldiers were killed in a bombing in Diyala and one policewoman was killed in a shootout in Mosul. Security forces detained 41 wanted men in Baghdad, 40 more in Basrah, and three Egyptians in Babil.

Three members of Iran's Qods Force were detained in Khalis. Security forces detained 15 al Qaeda fighters in Sinjar, four in Wasit province, two more in Diyala, and four wanted men in Maysan province. One woman was killed and seven Iraqis, including four policemen, were wounded in bombings in Baghdad.

Three Iranian Qods Force agents captured in Iraq

The Qods Force operatives were detained in Diyala province, where a senior Qods Force officer was captured three months ago.

US makes last payment to 'Sons of Iraq'

Three Iraqi soldiers and two policemen were killed in three separate attacks in Mosul and Ninewa province. A Sunni cleric was gunned down in Basrah. Security forces detained 20 wanted men in Maysan province, two Naqshabandiya members in Makhmour, and an al Qaeda leader in Diyala.

Iraqi PM says terrorists are losing capability