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Five Iraqis were killed and 20 more were wounded in a carbombing in Haditha. One Iraqi was killed in an IED attack outside a mosque in Baghdad. Security forces detained 23 wanted men in Kirkuk, 19 in Babil, and six more in Khanaqin.

Iraqi Ba'ath Leader Calls On Insurgents To Join Politics

Security pact gives Iraqi security forces a new swagger

US deaths at lowest level since 2003

Iraqi death toll drops after US handover

Insurgents killed a policeman in Mosul and wounded two civilians in a bombing outside a mosque in Baghdad. Security forces detained eight wanted terrorists in Diyala. More than 21,000 security personnel have been deployed to protect a religious pilgrimage in Karbala.

US adviser™s blunt memo on Iraq - Time 'to go home™

Twenty-nine Iraqis were killed and 61 more were wounded in bombings outside mosques in Baghdad. Two more Iraqis were killed in a bombing in Mosul. Security forces detained 18 wanted men in Basrah and four al Qaeda in Iraq operatives in Wasit.

Four Iraqis were killed in a suicide car bombing in Al Qaim and four more were killed in a bombing at a political headquarters in Baqubah. Two Iraqi policemen were killed during clashes with the People's Mujahideen at Camp Ashraf. Security forces detained a Moroccan terrorist as he planted an IED north of Mosul.

US soldier search for weapons in Iraq

The People's Mujahideen claimed the police have killed seven members during clashes at Camp Ashraf; the Diyala police department denied the report. One policeman and one civilian were killed in bombings in Mosul and Anbar. The US believes al Qaeda in Iraq is regrouping in eastern Diyala province near the border with Iran, and said its forces will conduct airstrikes in conjunction with Iraqi forces.

The ISI's Abu Omar al-Baghdadi responds to US urban withdrawal in Iraq

The other Iraq war: In Kurdish Iraq, hostilities simmering with Iran, Turkey

Gates says Iraq drawdown may accelerate moderately

Iraqi raid leaves Iranian opposition group's future unclear

US defense secretary in Iraqi Kurdistan to defuse tensions

Iran & Iraq: Two British hostages in Iraq 'likely to be dead'

Marines on the border with Syria

The Iraqi Army stormed the People's Mujahedeen camp after a riot broke out; more than 150 people and 50 security forces were wounded during the clash. Eight Iraqis were killed in a bombing in Baghdad and one was killed in an IED attack in Jalawlaa. Eight policemen were killed during a bank robbery in Baghdad. Security forces detained 19 insurgents in Fallujah and eight al Qaeda fighters in in Diyala.

Gates talks security, arms sales in Iraq