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Security forces arrested 16 suspects in the murder of a cleric in Jalawlaa, 12 insurgents in Dalouiya, and two al Qaeda operatives southwest of Irbil. An Iraqi bomb squad defused six explosively formed penetrators in Al Kut. International oil companies seek to develop Iraq's petroleum production as the security situation improves.

Militants claim deal struck to free Britons kidnapped in Iraq

IraqSlogger: Botched assassination leads to Qaeda in Iraq arrests

Sixteen Iraqis were killed and 35 more were wounded in a car bomb attack in the Shaab neighborhood in Baghdad. Six civilians were wounded in bombings in Kirkuk and Babil. Iraqi security forces detained ten wanted men in Karbala and four more in Basrah, five members of a counterfeiting gang in Baqubah, and a Saudi al Qaeda leader and recruiter in Baqubah.

US: Attacks rise south of Baghdad, fall nationwide

Three children were killed and one was wounded in an IED attack in Baghdad.
Iraqi security forces detained 20 wanted men in Baghdad, 10 in Basra, four in Amarah, and three more in Wasit. The Turkish Army hit PKK positions with artillery in border villages near Zakho.

A policeman was killed in Mosul. Three civilians were wounded in a bombing in Baghdad. Security forces detained 13 wanted men in Baghdad and two more in Maysan, six al Qaeda fighters in Diyala, and four members of the Soldiers of Heaven cult in Hillah. Police arrested four suspects in yesterday's deadly suicide bombing in Jalawlaa.

Kurdish rebels: We won't stop fighting in Iraq

Disarm or leave, Iraq's Talabani tells PKK

Twenty-five Iraqis were killed in a suicide attack at a Kurdish funeral in Jalawlaa. One policeman was killed and
four policemen and five civilians were wounded in separate suicide bombings in Mosul. Security forces detained 30 insurgents in Maysan, 17 in Basrah, and 12 more in Baghdad, 10 al Qaeda fighters in Diyala, and two al Qaeda leaders in Babil.

Iraq fired 62,000 accused of corruption: Minister

About half Iraqi prisoners 'dangerous': US

US troop withdrawal through Turkey may get PM's OK

Insurgents killed four Iraqi soldiers in Khanaqin, one soldier in Mosul, and shot one policemen in Babil. Iraqi security forces detained33 insurgents in Huweija, 27 wanted men in Karbala, seven in Baghdad, and four more in Dhi Qhar, an an ISCI official in Diyala.

In Iraq, chaos feared as US closes prison

Odierno: Iraq elections key to getting legitimate leaders

Iraqi forces killed two insurgents in Mosul, and captured 10 al Qaeda fighters in Baqubah and three wanted men in Maysan. Insurgents killed an Awakening fighter in Babil, and wounded a police chief in Tikrit and four civilians in Baghdad.

A US airstrike killed 11 al Qaeda fighters and an Iraqi raid killed 12 more in Balad Ruz. Security forces detained 48 wanted men south of Tikrit, 30 more in Basrah, and eight al Qaeda fighters in Diyala. A suicide bomber killed one policeman in an attack outside the home of a tribal leader in Fallujah.

Iraq SAS units switch to hunting the Taliban

The US military will shut down the Camp Bucca prison by the summer of 2009. Security forces detained 30 wanted men in Basrah and four more in Maysan. Insurgents murdered the mayor of a village east of Mosul.