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Killers stalk politicians as Iraq seeks government

Insurgents killed five policemen in Kirkuk, Baghdad, Mosul, and Anbar, and a civilian in a suicide attack near Ramadi. Security forces detained five wanted men in Basrah and two al Qaeda operatives near Baghdad.

A rumor in Baghdad indicates the State of Law and Iraqiya parties may band together to form a government. Insurgents killed an Iraqi Army brigadier and six civilians in bombings in Mosul, Baghdad, and Bayji. Security forces detained 21 wanted men in Basrah and an insurgent in Mosul.

Insurgents killed two policemen in an IEd attack Baghdad. Security forces detained 10 Qaeda operatives in central and northern Iraq, and 10 wanted men in Kirkuk and Ninewa.

Insurgents killed two civilians and a soldier in Mosul and Baghdad. Security forces detained four Naqshabandiya fighters in Diyala, three wanted men in Kirkuk, an al Qaeda IED cell member in Baghdad, and an Iranian in Khanaqin.

Insurgents killed an Iraqi soldier and a policeman in Mosul. Security forces detained 11 wanted men in Basra and Diyala, two Mahdi Army fighters north of Baghdad, and two al Qaeda operatives in Wasit. A US soldier died in a vehicle accident in Diwaniyah.

Iraqi officials see US as neglecting the country

Security forces detained an Iranian man and a Sudanese man who were "wanted" in Mosul, and six al Qaeda operatives in Mosul and near Baghdad. Insurgents kidnapped two oil ministry employees in Jalawlaa.

Odierno to use combat lessons to develop joint doctrine

Two suicide bombers killed an Iraqi soldier in Mosul. Insurgents killed five policemen in attacks in Mosul and Baghdad. Security forces killed a suicide bomber in Tal Afar and detained four al Qaeda fighters in the north, three Mahdi Army fighters in Baghdad, and two terrorists in Kirkuk.

Iran - Hiker moms: Shocked by report on children's arrest

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed two Awakening leaders in Buhriz in Diyala province. Insurgents killed five civilians in bombings in Mosul and Baghdad. Iraqi forces detained an al Qaeda operative west of Baghdad.

Iraq - Ayad Allawi: 'I won the election, now they™re trying to assassinate me™

Terrorists killed 26 Iraqis and wounded 53 more in a pair of car bombings outside of the Iraqi Investment Bank and the Citizenship Directorate in western Baghdad. Insurgents killed a civilian and a policeman in IED attacks in Baghdad and near Tikrit.

You're no longer popular as you once were: Al-Qaida's Adam Gadahn to Obama

US pullout from Iraq triggers epic garage sale

Security forces killed one person after opening fire during a demonstration over electricity shortages in Basrah. Iraqi troops detained six al Qaeda operatives during separate raids in northern Iraq. The Turkish military attacked Kurdistan Workers' Party outposts in northern Iraq.

Baghdad nights glitter again, behind shatterproof glass

Zalmay Khalilzad's take on Iraq, Pt. 1

Britain is leaving us in the lurch, say top Iraqi officials