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Al Qaeda in Iraq killed two Awakening leaders in Buhriz in Diyala province. Insurgents killed five civilians in bombings in Mosul and Baghdad. Iraqi forces detained an al Qaeda operative west of Baghdad.

Iraq - Ayad Allawi: 'I won the election, now they™re trying to assassinate me™

Terrorists killed 26 Iraqis and wounded 53 more in a pair of car bombings outside of the Iraqi Investment Bank and the Citizenship Directorate in western Baghdad. Insurgents killed a civilian and a policeman in IED attacks in Baghdad and near Tikrit.

You're no longer popular as you once were: Al-Qaida's Adam Gadahn to Obama

US pullout from Iraq triggers epic garage sale

Security forces killed one person after opening fire during a demonstration over electricity shortages in Basrah. Iraqi troops detained six al Qaeda operatives during separate raids in northern Iraq. The Turkish military attacked Kurdistan Workers' Party outposts in northern Iraq.

Baghdad nights glitter again, behind shatterproof glass

Zalmay Khalilzad's take on Iraq, Pt. 1

Britain is leaving us in the lurch, say top Iraqi officials

Insurgents killed 10 Iraqis in a bombing in Touz, five Iraqi soldiers in an ambush in Anbar, four civilians in a rocket attack in Baghdad, four civilians in a shooting in Abu Ghraib, and a policeman in a shooting near Mosul. Security forces detained two al Qaeda operatives during separate raids in the north.

Insurgents killed two policemen in Diyala and five members of a family in Fallujah. Iraqi security forces detained six al Qaeda operatives during operations in central and northern Iraq.

Iraqi forces killed one insurgent in Mosul; and detained 14 suspects and three al Qaeda fighters in Fallujah, and four wanted men in Samara. A suicide bomber wounded 14 Iraqis in Mosul. Hundreds of Turkish troops entered northern Iraq in pursuit of Kurdistan Workers' Party terrorists.

Security forces detained 18 terrorists in Diyala, seven wanted men in Ninewa, three al Qaeda fighters in Wasit, and two al Qaeda operatives north of Baghdad. Insurgents killed an Iraqi soldier in an IED attack in Mosul.

Insurgents killed two policemen in Baghdad, two Awakening fighters in Balad, and a civilian in Mosul. Security forces killed seven gunmen involved in the attack at the Central Bank in Baghdad and the assassin of an Iraqiya politician in Mosul. Civilian and Iraqi security forces deaths have dropped by more than half since 2009.

New Iraqi parliament holds brief symbolic session

Insurgents attacked the Central Bank of Iraq in Baghdad; 15 civilians and three gunmen were killed in the attack. Insurgents also killed two policemen and a woman in Mosul. Security forces killed two al Qaeda operatives and detained 13 more in central and northern Iraq; 20 "terrorists" in Baqubah and Hillah; a top aide to Izzat Ibrahim al Dori near Tikrit; and a Naqshabandi fighter in Kirkuk.

Security forces detained Khalid al Fahl, the interior minister for al Qaeda's Islamist State of Iraq, in Fallujah, and an al Qaeda leader and an aide in Tikrit. Insurgents assassinated the police chief of Sharqat. Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki and former Premier Ayad Allawi met for the first time since the election in March.

Iraq's two largest Shia blocs formed a coalition in parliament. A suicide bomber killed two US soldiers and three Iraqis in Jalawlaa. Three Iraqis were killed in a car bombing in Tikrit. Iraqi forces detained four al Qaeda leaders in Khanaqin and another in Yusifiyah, and three wanted men in Wasit.

Iraq - Al-Qaeda turns to mafia tactics

Insurgents killed an Awakening leader, an Iraqi Army officer, and two civilians in a bombing in Baghdad, and shot and killed a woman inside of her home in Kirkuk. Iraqi forces captured an al Qaeda leader involved in assassinations in Mosul.