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Security forces detained 12 al Qaeda fighters in Baqubah and four more in northern Iraq, and a Mahdi Army fighter in Baghdad. Insurgents killed two soldiers in Amarah, an Awakening fighter in Diyala, and two civilians in Mosul.

Top US commander in Iraq raises Internet concerns

Iraq - US Withdrawal on Schedule, General Says

Security forces detained seven Syrian terrorists and two members of an IED cell in Mosul, five wanted men in Basrah, and a tribal leader working for al Qaeda in Buhriz. Two Iraqis were killed in a bombing at a liquor store in Sinjar.

Iraqi refugees haunted by horrors they left behind

Security forces detained 10 al Qaeda fighters in Saadiya and four more near Tikrit, and three Syrian members of the Baathist-linked Naqshabandiya in Ninewa. A body of a kidnapped soldier was found in Mosul.

Iraq's Supreme Court validated the final vote for the new parliament. Security forces detained nine wanted men in Basrah, three al Qaeda operatives in Wasit and two more in Baghdad. Insurgents killed a woman in western Mosul.

Iraq's Supreme Court ratifies election results

Insurgents killed two policemen and a soldier in Mosul, and a civilian in Baghdad. Iraqi troops killed the suspect who killed a recently elected Iraqiya member of parliament from Mosul. Security forces detained 39 policemen in Khalis, 13 wanted men in Basrah, and three Hezbollah Brigades fighters in Baghdad.

An Iraqi girl was killed after Iranian forces shelled Kurdish areas in the north. Iraqi Special Operations Forces detained two al Qaeda operatives in Al Qaim. The US military reiterated it is on track to reduce the number of troops in country to 50,000 by the end of August.

Security forces detained four Syrian al Qaeda leaders in Mosul, three terrorists in Baghdad, and two insurgents in Fallujah. Insurgents killed two soldiers in Baghdad and a policeman in Mosul.

Security forces detained four wanted men in Amarah and three more in Al Kut, and an al Qaeda in Iraq operative linked to a senior leader in Mosul. The driver of an elected parliamentarian who was assassinated earlier this week died of wounds suffered in the attack.

Death and betrayal stalk police in Iraq

Special Report: Between Iraq and a rich place

Insurgents killed an Army major and a civilian in Mosul. Security forces detained nine wanted men in Basrah, five al Qaeda operatives in Mosul and in and around Baghdad, and a 1920™s Revolutionary Brigade smuggler in Bayji.

US withdrawal from Iraq will be on time, Vice President Biden says

Iraqi security forces detained an al Qaeda leader and 16 fighters northwest of Baghdad and 15 wanted men in Basrah. Insurgents shot and killed a police captain in Mosul.

US targeting Sunni insurgent group in northern Iraq

US grapples with shift from military- to diplomatic-run effort in Iraq

Insurgents killed 14 people at a gold market in Baghdad and three security guards in Kirkuk and Mosul. Security forces killed one of the attackers behind the attack on the Baghdad gold market, and detained 14 wanted men in Basrah and a senior al Qaeda leader in Fallujah.