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Shia clergy rebuke Iraq politicians over impasse

In Baghdad, police chief explains why it's tough to enforce the rule of law

Radical Islam is world's greatest threat - Tony Blair

Insurgents killed a policeman in Mosul and the brother of an Army colonel in Baghdad. Security forces detained four wanted men at a bomb factory in Wasit and three men for impersonating ministerial advisers in Basrah.

Insurgents killed two policemen in Diyala and a civilian in Baghdad. Security forces detained 18 wanted men in Kirkuk and a senior al Qaeda leader in Abu Ghraib. US Forces Iraq denied that a US soldier was killed in a shooting in Tikrit.

Iraq: "Bring it on" worked

The US has officially transferred security to the Iraqi government. Three terrorists were killed in a premature detonation in Fallujah. Security forces killed a suicide bomber in Tal Afar and a Mahdi Army fighter in Baghdad, and detained 22 gunmen in Bayji, 15 wanted men in Basrah, an Islamic State of Iraq leader and three members in Kirkuk, and two al Qaeda operatives in Mosul. Insurgents killed two truck drivers in Mosul.

Iraqis approach end of US combat role with worry

Iraqis say war "not ending" despite US drawdown

US wasted billions in rebuilding Iraq

Every corner in the region is frightened - interview with Iraq's Ayad Allawi

Iraq war is ending, Baghdad to chart future: Obama

Insurgents killed two policemen in Mosul. Security forces detained four al Qaeda fighters in Baghdad and Kirkuk, and an insurgent in Kirkuk, and found eight suicide vests in Amarah. President Obama said all US troops would leave Iraq by the end of 2011.

Iraq - A very long engagement

Iraq goes on highest alert for terror attacks

Insurgents killed three policemen in Ninewa, two civilians near Hillah, and another in Mosul. Security forces detained seven al Qaeda fighters in Taji and a leader in Anbar, four wanted men in Tal Afar, three terrorists in Basrah, and a Promised Day Brigade leader and two fighters in Baghdad.

Insurgents killed seven Awakening fighters in Miqdadiyah. Security forces killed an al Qaeda fighter and detained 38, including an emir, in Diyala, Al Kut, Basrah, Baghdad, and Samarra.

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed 62 Iraqi policemen and civilians in suicide and IED attacks in Baghdad, Al Kut, Karbala, Basrah, Buhriz, and Mosul. Security forces detained 32 al Qaeda fighters and a senior leader in Diyala, 11 in Fallujah and Abu Ghraib, and an extortion leader in Mosul.

Al Qaeda suicide bombers target Iraqi police

Suicide bombers struck police stations in Baghdad and Al Kut, while remotely triggered car bombs were detonated outside police stations in Karbala and Basrah.

Insurgents killed a council member in Sadr City and a civilian in Al Kut. Security forces detained a wanted person in Kirkuk. The US troop level has dropped below 50,000.