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Biden delivers positive review on Iraq, Afghanistan

'Al-Qaeda gang' held over Iraq traffic police killings

Petraeus says Taliban momentum halted in key areas

In Porn, A Story Of Iraq's Politics

More killings in Venezuela than in Iraq

Insurgents killed a US soldier in Basrah and a civilian in Hillah. Security forces captured a "high-ranking" al Qaeda operative near Miqdadiyah. General Odierno said Iran continues to fund Shia terror groups operating in Iraq.

US ready to resume Iraq combat role if needed-Odierno

Insurgents killed three policemen in Baghdad, Kirkuk, and Mosul. Security forces detained five al Qaeda in Iraq operatives in Baghdad and Balad.

'Shiite Zarqawi' returns to Baghdad from Iran: report

abu_dura.jpgAbu Dura, the notorious Mahdi Army commander, is said to have returned to Iraq after receiving training from Iran's Qods Force. Abu Dura is known for torturing and executing Sunnis in Baghdad, often with the aid of a power drill.

Insurgents killed two civilians in a bombing in southern Baghdad. Security forces detained an al Qaeda leader and three operatives during raids in Baghdad and Mosul.

The last US brigade designated as a combat unit withdrew from Iraq; 50,000 US troops remain in an "advise and assist" capacity. Insurgents killed five policemen, a soldier, and an Awakening fighter in attacks in Fallujah, Ramadi, Baghdad, Mosul, and Kirkuk. Security forces detained 31 wanted men in Diyala, killed an al Qaeda operative and detained four more in Mansuriyah, and arrested a Promised Day Brigade leader and a fighter in Rashidiyah.

Civilians to take US lead after military leaves Iraq

Last brigade of US combat troops leaves Iraq

Fatah al Islam chief killed while traveling to Iraq

Abdulrahman Awad, the leader of Fatah al Islam, was killed along with his deputy, Ghazi Faysal Abdullah, by Lebanese security forces in the Bekaa Valley as they attempted to join al Qaeda in Iraq, according to a statement released by the terror group.

Dates or oil? Iraq's farmers fear gold rush

Iraqi leaders fear for future after their past missteps

An al Qaeda suicide bomber killed 57 police recruits and soldiers during an attack at a recruiting center in Baghdad. Insurgents killed three policemen, a jail employee, and a trade ministry employee in attacks in Ninewa, Baghdad, and Kirkuk. Security forces detained four wanted men in Kirkuk and an al Qaeda operative in Latafiyah.

Insurgents killed four Iranians and two policemen during attacks in Miqdadiyah and Mosul, and a US soldier in Diyala. Security forces detained 29 wanted men in Diyala, Basrah, and Wasit; and an al Qaeda operative in Baghdad.

Insurgents killed four civilians, a soldier, a policeman, and a pharmacist who recently returned from the US, in separate attacks in Mosul, Al Kut, and Baghdad. The Sadrist-led Iraqi National Alliance rejected a proposed deal between State of Law and Iraqiya in forming a new government.

Insurgents killed four policemen and an Awakening fighter in attacks in Baghdad. Security forces in Diyala detained an al Qaeda assassin who carried out attacks in Baghdad. State of Law made an offer to Iraqiya to break the political deadlock and form a government.