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Vatican: Pope speaks out against 'violence in God's name'

US presses Iraqi leaders to broaden coalition

Insurgents killed three policemen and five civilians in attacks in Dhi Qhar, Baghdad, Mosul, and Fallujah. Security forces arrested a key leader of al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq in Tal Afar. The government aired the confessions of two al Qaeda operatives involved in a plot to attack the Iranian, Egyptian, and German embassies.

Iraq broadcasts confessions by al Qaeda insurgents

Insurgents killed four civilians in attacks in Baghdad and Fallujah. An Awakening leader survived an assassination attempt in Fallujah. Security forces detained 15 wanted men during raids in Basrah.

Trapping the lord of war: The rise and fall of Viktor Bout

Insurgents killed an Awakening fighter and four civilians in attacks in Babil, Baghdad, and Mosul. Security forces detained six wanted men in Basrah and two more in Kirkuk.

Radical Islam has outmanoeuvred West, says Blair

US companies should make inroads in Iraq now, trade official says

Insurgents killed two civilians in attacks in Mosul. Security forces detained 14 wanted men in Basrah, seized two suicide belts in Baghdad, and disabled five IEDs in Maysan.

The US ambassador to Iraq said that Muqtada al Sadr's participation in an Iraqi government would be problematic for ties with Iraq. Insurgents killed a senior police commander and two women in Mosul. Security forces killed a suicide bomber in Diyala and detained an insurgent in Baghdad.

Insurgents killed two policemen in an IED attack in Diyala and a TV cameraman in a bombing in Fallujah. Security forces detained 18 wanted men in Basrah. Iraq's oil minister claimed the country has 143.1 billion barrels of oil in reserve.

Insurgents killed a policeman, an Awakening fighter, and a civilian in attacks in Fallujah and Baghdad. Security forces detained seven wanted men in Basrah and three security officials in Diyala.

Premier works to build broader coalition in Iraq

Anti-American cleric vies for more power in Iraq

September saw the lowest number of Iraqis killed (273) since January of this year. Insurgents killed two policemen in Mosul and three Awakening fighters in Baghdad. Security forces detained four al Qaeda fighters in Diyala.

Security forces detained 75 wanted men and suspected terrorists during raids in Basrah, Samara, and Diyala, and a senior al Qaeda leader in Baghdad. One policeman was killed in an armed bank robbery in Baghdad. A suicide bomber killed only himself in an attack near Sulaimaniya; the suicide bomber had entered Iraq from Iran.

Investment a 'success story' in Iraqi Kurdistan

Two Iraqis were killed in a bombing in northern Baghdad. Security forces detained 10 al Qaeda leaders in Salahidin, Ninewa, Wasit, Babil, and Baghdad, and two wanted men in al Kut. A US soldier has been arrested for shooting and killing two fellow soldiers in Fallujah.

Insurgent group in Iraq, declared tamed, roars