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Two Iranians detained in Iraq are freed as moms plea for release of American hikers in Iran

A suicide bomber killed a policeman in Mosul. Insurgents killed two policemen, a civilian, and an Awakening fighter in Mosul, Kirkuk, and Baqubah. Security forces detained 10 wanted men in Maysan and three al Qaeda fighters in Diyala.

Six Iraqis were killed in bombings in Hillah. Iraqi security forces killed five al Qaeda fighters and detained 19 wanted men in Diyala. Security forces also reportedly detained al Qaeda's finance minister.

Iraqi officials are concerned that freed prisoners are becoming al Qaeda leaders. Security forces detained 12 wanted men in Amarah and two al Qaeda leaders involved in recent bombings. Insurgents killed a civilian in Mosul and bombed the home of an Awakening fighter in Tikrit.

Saudi Arabia wants to verify identity of World Cup terrorist

An Iraqi court ruled in favor of winning candidates barred for supposed Baathist ties. Security forces killed an al Qaeda operative near Tikrit and detained 28 wanted men in Diyala and eight more in Amarah, an Awakening leader in Diyala, and an al Qaeda leader in Hillah. Terrorists killed a cleric in Diyala.

Iraq says it uncovered al-Qaida plot on World Cup

Iraq vows to quickly eliminate new Qaeda leaders

Iraqi technicians dismantling Hussein's nuclear plants

Afghanistan issues arrest warrant for US officer

Security forces detained three insurgents in Mosul and three more south of Mosul, and a "Syrian infiltrator" in Al Qaim in western Anbar. Insurgents bombed the homes of policemen in Mosul and Fallujah; no one was hurt.

Insurgents killed seven Iraqis, including a muezzin, in bombings and shooting in Baghdad, Mosul, and Jalawlaa. Security forces detained three insurgents in Kirkuk, three wanted men south of Amarah, and an al Qaeda leader in Baghdad.

In recount, Iraqi panel finds little fraud

GI's find bullets still flying at outpost in Iraq

Eight Iraqis were killed and 125 more were wounded in three bombings at a soccer match in Tal Afar. Eighteen Iraqis were wounded in a bombing near a Shia mosque in Hillah. Security forces detained 18 wanted men in Basrah and a suspected bomber in Wasit.

Al Qaeda appoints new 'war minister' for Iraq

Nasser al Din Allah Abu Suleiman is al Qaeda in Iraq's new leader. He vowed to subject Iraqi Shia to "a long and gloomy night and darker days colored in blood."

Two Iraqi soldiers were killed while defusing an IED in Baghdad. Security forces detained 18 wanted men in Basrah, four al Qaeda operatives south of Baghdad, and a suspected Iranian operative in Khanaqin.

Are Sadr militias rearming in Iraq's south?

Ansar al Islam leader Abu Abdullah al Shafi, moments after his capture

Two Iraqis were killed in an IED attack in Baghdad. Security forces detained 15 wanted men in Basrah and 12 more in Fallujah, 10 insurgents in Kirkuk, an al Qaeda extortion leader in Mosul, three al Qaeda operatives in Tikrit, and two more in Wasit.