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Iranian Qods Force commanders linked to Taliban: US Treasury

IRGC-poster.jpgGeneral Hossein Musavi , who is the commander of Qods Force's Ansar Corps, and Colonel Hasan Mortezavi have "provided financial and material support to the Taliban" in Afghanistan.

Insurgents killed three Awakening fighters west of Tikrit and three policemen and two civilians in western Baghdad. Security forces killed an insurgent and detained 25 more, including two al Qaeda operatives, in Tikrit, Mosul, and Diyala.

Deadly morality squad patrols Iraqi city

Afghanistan and Monday morning quarterbacking

Security forces arrested three men involved in yesterday's car bomb attack in Al Kut, five insurgents in Tal Afar, and members of an "armed cell" behind the assassination of clerics and attacks on mosques in Anbar. The UN Security Council held a special session on the situation in Iraq.

Insurgents killed 20 people in a car bomb attack in al Kut; al Qaeda in Iraq killed five policemen in Baghdad. Iraqi security forces detained an al Qaeda leader and a fighter in the village of Dugmat in Kirkuk.

US urges Iraqi deal before pullout

In Kandahar, US tries the lessons of Baghdad

Insurgents killed eight Iraqis, including an Army officer, in attacks in Mosul, Fallujah, and Baghdad. Security forces killed a Naqshabandi fighter and detained two others southwest of Mosul, and arrested four Hezbollah Brigades members in Hussainiyah.

US drawdown in Iraq proceeding as planned, Obama says

Iraq Shi'ite bloc rejects incumbent Maliki as PM

US Forces Iraq disputed reports that July 2010 has been the deadliest month in two years. Security forces detained 20 members of the Saif al Haq in Nasiriyah and 14 al Qaeda operatives in Mosul and Jalulah.

Purported audio message from Saddam regime official surfaces

Iraqis don't expect political impasse to be resolved by fall

Insurgents killed seven Iraqis in attacks in Anbar, Mosul, and Yusifiyah. Security forces detained two al Qaeda operatives in Mosul and two al Qaeda fighters involved in an attack in Baghdad earlier this week.

Insurgents killed five civilians in an IED attack in Buhriz. Security forces detained eight al Qaeda fighters in Tarmiyah and Mansuriyah, and two Special Groups operatives in Diwaniyah.

Six Iraqi soldiers, three policemen, and seven civilians were killed in five bombings in Baghdad. Insurgents killed a policeman and an Awakening leader in a shooting in Baghdad, three soldiers in Shurqat, and a policeman in Fallujah. Security forces detained two Islamist State of Iraq leaders in Salahadin.

Insurgents killed seven Iraqis in a rocket attack in Karbala and four more in an IED attack in Sadr City. Five Iraqi soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash near Karbala. Security forces detained five al Qaeda operatives in Baghdad and Hawijah, and a Naqshabandiya group leader in Kirkuk.

Al-Qaida no. 2 slams France's ban on Islamic veils

The death toll in yesterday's bombings in Karbala rose to 50. Iraqi and US forces killed an al Qaeda operative and detained 13 more in Mosul, Tibij, Baghdad, and Tikrit. Parliament has failed to convene to choose a new government.