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Al Qaeda in Iraq rises again

Three policemen and three al Qaeda in Iraq fighters were killed during a clash in the Al Hudayyeb area in Diyala province. Insurgents killed a policeman and a civilian in bombings in Baqubah and Buhriz.

Wikileaks reportedly will release nearly 300,000 classified military documents relating to the Iraq War. Wikileaks, with the help of other news agencies, is said to be scrubbing the documents to ensure sensitive information that puts people's lives at risk does not occur, as it did with the leakage of Afghanistan documents.

'Iraq WikiLeak bigger than Afghan leak'

Insurgents killed four people in attacks in Baghdad and brutally murdered and beheaded a mosque imam and his wife in Miqdadiyah. Four al Qaeda members escaped from a US prison in Baghdad.

Insurgents killed four policemen and four civilians in attacks in Baghdad, Kirkuk, and Tikrit. The Hezbollah Brigades is responsible for the spike in attacks in Thi Qhar province. Security forces detained 16 wanted men in Basrah.

Special Groups active in Iraqi south

An Iraqi soldier killed two US soldiers after a dispute in Tuz. Five "gunmen" were killed after attacking a US base in Basrah. A news anchor for Al Iraqiya was gunned down in Baghdad.

Iraq™s military needs after 2011

'US troops called in' as Iraqi army base attacked

UK army chief: How Blair and Brown betrayed our troops

Iraqi troops repelled an al Qaeda suicide assault on a Baghdad military headquarters; five suicide bombers, four Iraqi soldiers, and three civilians were killed. Security forces detained 66 wanted men in Karbala, five members of the Soldiers of Heaven in Diwaniyah, and two terrorists in Samawa.

Iraqi troops repel al Qaeda suicide assault on Baghdad base

Five suicide bombers, four Iraqi soldiers, and three civilians were reported killed in the daylight assault on a military headquarters in Rusafa.

Defense Secretary Gates offers cautious views on wars

Shia clergy rebuke Iraq politicians over impasse

In Baghdad, police chief explains why it's tough to enforce the rule of law

Radical Islam is world's greatest threat - Tony Blair

Insurgents killed a policeman in Mosul and the brother of an Army colonel in Baghdad. Security forces detained four wanted men at a bomb factory in Wasit and three men for impersonating ministerial advisers in Basrah.

Insurgents killed two policemen in Diyala and a civilian in Baghdad. Security forces detained 18 wanted men in Kirkuk and a senior al Qaeda leader in Abu Ghraib. US Forces Iraq denied that a US soldier was killed in a shooting in Tikrit.

Iraq: "Bring it on" worked