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Insurgents killed a soldier, an Awakening fighter, a tribal leader, and a spokesman for the Baghdad Provincial Council in attacks in Baghdad and Mosul. Security forces detained the mufti, or cleric, for al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq during a raid in Baghdad.

Iraq withdrawal: A US unit prepares Mosul police for self-rule

Wanted: Jihadists to marry widows

Insurgents killed two policemen and a soldier in attacks in Fallujah, Mosul, and Gayiara. Security forces detained two Hezbollah Brigades members in Baghdad, two Mahdi Army fighters in Miqdadiyah, and an al Qaeda operative in Taji.

Iraq's Allawi hopes new government to be formed next month

A suicide bomber killed six people after ramming a car packed with explosives into a police checkpoint in Baghdad. Insurgents killed two policemen in Mosul. Iraqi forces detained three al Qaeda operatives, including a top financial official, in Mosul.

Kenya: Iraq, Afghan, Pakistan fighters in Somalia

Smugglers in Iraq blunt sanctions against Tehran

Five Shia pilgrims were killed in an IED attack in southern Baghdad. Two people were killed as insurgents bombed the homes of three policemen in Ramadi. Security forces detained 53 people in Basrah.

Iraq Shi'ite pilgrims trudge on as bombs continue

Afghan companies say US did not pay them

A suicide bomber killed 32 Shia pilgrims as they were marching in northern Baghdad. Eighteen more Iraqis, including two policemen, were killed in attacks throughout the country. Security forces detained 12 suspected insurgents in Kirkuk and three al Qaeda operatives in Mosul and Baghdad.

US - War zone drone crashes add up

Insurgents killed six Shia pilgrims in mortar and bomb attacks in Baghdad. Security forces detained a Hezbollah Brigades operative in Baghdad. General Odierno said UN peacekeepers may be needed in northern Iraq.

Iraq looks to spectacular oil boom to revive its political fortunes

Security forces killed two suicide bombers in Mosul, and detained eight wanted men near Kirkuk, and five al Qaeda fighters and a foreign fighter facilitator in Mosul, Tarmiyah, and Abu Ghraib. Insurgents killed a civilian in Mosul.

A female suicide bomber killed four people in an attack at the entrance to the provincial government building in Ramadi. Security forces detained seven wanted men in Basrah. Security has been increased at the Fakka oil field along the border with Iran.

Saddam spy receives Kuwaiti citizenship

General Odierno: Al Qaeda in Iraq faces serious financial crunch

Iraqi security forces detained 11 wanted men in Basra, five Mahdi Army fighters in Baghdad, three Naqshabandiya fighters in Mosul, and an al Qaeda operative near Kirkuk. Insurgents assassinated a prominent mufti in Ramadi.