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Iraqi gold™s glitter dims for dealers under siege

First passenger plane in 20 years lands in Baghdad

Insurgents killed six policemen and an Awakening leader in Baghdad, and a security guard for a political party in Baqubah. Security forces arrested 23 wanted men in Karbala and an al Qaeda "prince" in Khanaqin.

Insurgents killed three children, a civilian, and a solider in attacks in Baghdad, Diyala, and Kirkuk. Security forces detained nine wanted men in Balad Ruz and five more in Mosul.

An al Qaeda in Iraq suicide bomber killed 21 people and wounded 65 more in an attack on a cafe in the town of Balad Ruz in Diyala province. It was the first major attack in more than a month.

UK - Terrorist whips up crowd minutes after release from jail

MI6 chief Sir John Sawers says torture illegal

Insurgents launched a series of attacks on senior police officers, killing two colonels and wounding a general and a colonel in Baghdad and Jalawlaa. A suicide bomber killed a policeman in Mosul. Security forces detained 26 wanted men in Basrah and Wasit.

Analysis: Al Qaeda martyrdom tape shows nature and extent of terror group's reach in Afghanistan

Winds-5-As-Sahab-thumb.JPG"Winds of Paradise - Part 5" eulogizes five al Qaeda commanders who fought in seven of Afghanistan's provinces and are representative of the unnamed leaders who serve as the terror group's deep bench.

Drones spur Yemenis' distrust of government and US

Insurgents killed seven Iraqi soldiers and seven civilians in separate attacks in Khalis, Kirkuk, Baghdad, and Mosul. An undersecretary in the planning ministry dodged an assassination attempt. Tariq Aziz, Saddam Hussein's foreign minister, has been sentenced to death by hanging.

Opinion: Iran's imperialism

Insurgents killed two people in a bombing at a hospital in Mosul and assassinated a senior electricity ministry official in Baghdad. Security forces detained seven wanted men in Basrah and three more in Kirkuk.

The secret Iraq files: The war - A snapshot of Al-Qaeda in Iraq

Iraq war logs: British blunder may have let al-Qaida kingpin Zarqawi go free

Iran, trying to skirt sanctions, attempts to set up banks worldwide

Mix of trust and despair helped turn tide in Iraq

Document says Iranians crossed border to arrest hikers

Wikileaks: UN calls for US to investigate torture claims revealed in leaked reports

Maliki says foes will use US leaks against him