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A review of Christian-Muslim conflict and a modest proposal to counter it

Insurgents killed 11 people in car bomb attacks in Najaf and Karbala, and killed a civilian in an IED attack in Mosul. Police detained two wanted terrorists in Maysan. Iraqi political leaders are meeting in Irbil in an effort to select a new government.

Church leader urges Iraqi Christians to quit country

Insurgents killed two soldiers, two Awakening fighters, a policeman, and an imam in Mosul, Tal Afar, Samarra, and Baghdad. Security forces killed a suicide bomber near a school in Tal Afar.

European court demands halt to forcible return of Iraqi asylum seekers

US general describes remaining terror threat in Iraq

Iraq - Al-Qaeda prompts Christians to flee

US - Audit questions tensions in Iraq

Premonitions of danger at Baghdad church held hostage

Bombs kill dozens as Iraqi Christians mourn

Thirty Iraqis were killed and 75 more were wounded in a series of 13 bombings in Shia areas in Baghdad. Three security officials and a captured al Qaeda commander were killed in an IED attack in Saadiya. An Awakening officer was killed in a shooting in Kirkuk.

Egyptian, Yemeni al Qaeda fighters involved in Baghdad church massacre

Baghdad church siege survivors speak of taunts, killings and explosions

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed 52 people, including two priests and 10 Iraqi policemen, in an attack on a church in Baghdad. Security forces killed a suicide bomber in Irbil and detained 23 wanted men in Basrah and four al Qaeda fighters in Wasit.

Al Qaeda in Iraq claims massacre at Christian church in Baghdad

An al Qaeda suicide assault team was killed by Iraqi security forces after taking control of a church in the Iraqi capital. Three Yemenis and two Egyptians are believed to have carried out the attack.

Iraqi Christians mourn after church siege kills 52

Security forces storm Baghdad hostage church

Iraqi gold™s glitter dims for dealers under siege

First passenger plane in 20 years lands in Baghdad

Insurgents killed six policemen and an Awakening leader in Baghdad, and a security guard for a political party in Baqubah. Security forces arrested 23 wanted men in Karbala and an al Qaeda "prince" in Khanaqin.