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Are Sadr militias rearming in Iraq's south?

Ansar al Islam leader Abu Abdullah al Shafi, moments after his capture

Two Iraqis were killed in an IED attack in Baghdad. Security forces detained 15 wanted men in Basrah and 12 more in Fallujah, 10 insurgents in Kirkuk, an al Qaeda extortion leader in Mosul, three al Qaeda operatives in Tikrit, and two more in Wasit.

Al Qaeda in Iraq: Last stand, or sign of resilience?

Al Qaeda in Iraq's recent deadly nationwide assault highlights the shifting tactics of a terror group that has seen its top leaders killed or captured over the past several months.

Iraqi deal to end de-Baathification

Pace of US drawdown from Iraq on schedule: Pentagon

Security forces detained 12 insurgents in Hillah, six al Qaeda operatives in Baghdad and northern Iraq, six wanted men in Basrah, two insurgents in Kirkuk, and two more in Diyala. Insurgents killed a civilian in Mosul.

US reviewing Iraq troop pullout pace

Follow The (Iraqi) Leader

Eighty Iraqis were killed in a series of al Qaeda suicide attacks, bombings, and shooting throughout Iraq. Attacks took place in Baghdad, Basrah, Mosul, Fallujah, Balad, Hilla, and Wasit. Security forces detained two al Qaeda operatives southwest of Kirkuk.

Attacks kill 80 in Iraq, al Qaeda blamed

The recount in Baghdad is 50 percent complete; no major change in the result are expected. Iraqi forces killed an insurgent in Mosul and detained 13 wanted men in Basrah, five al Qaeda fighters in Diyala, four wanted men in Mosul, and a senior Hezbollah Brigades leader and two operatives in Baghdad. Insurgents killed a civilian in Mosul.

Insurgents killed a soldier and two civilians in attacks in Baghdad and Mosul. Security forces detained 20 wanted men in Diwaniyah, and four insurgents in and around Mosul. Police defused two EFPs in Dhi Qhar.

Insurgents killed three Awakening fighters in Kirkuk. A terrorist killed himself in a premature IED detonation in Ramadi. Security forces detained seven wanted men in Basrah, three al Qaeda fighters north of Tikrit, three insurgents in Diyala, and an al Qaeda leader in Abu Ghraib.

Insurgents killed Abdul Salam Omran, the General Director of the National Security Directorate, and three civilians in bombings in Baghdad. Security forces detained a senior al Qaeda leader in Mosul and an IED facilitator in Kirkuk.

The Sate of Law and Iraqi National Alliance lists have formed a coalition bloc in parliament. Security forces detained an al Qaeda extortion leader and two associates in Mosul, five al Qaeda operatives in Diyala, 17 wanted men in Diyala, and 14 more in Basrah. Insurgents killed two civilians, a policeman, and a soldier in attacks in Mosul and Anbar.

Exclusive: Iraq deal gives clerics final say

Iraqi forces captured Abu Abdullah al Shafi, the leader of Ansar al Islam. Security forces also detained a wanted Saudi al Qaeda fighter in Mosul and 20 wanted men in Basrah. A Syrian suicide bomber carried out one of four attacks on foreign embassies in Baghdad last month.

New deBaathification moves unlikely to change Iraq™s political scene

Shiite militia reviving in post-election Iraq