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Blackwater founder trains Somalis

Two suicide bombers killed 45 Shia worshipers in attacks in Karbala. Two civilians were killed in IED attacks in Baghdad and Baqubah.

45 Iraqis killed in dual suicide attacks

Shia worshipers were targeted as they marched in a procession to the city of Karbala. The attacks are the latest in a string of bombings aimed at Iraq's security forces and Shia majority.

Last Christians ponder leaving a hometown in Iraq

Al Qaeda suicide bombers killed 15 Iraqis in attacks on police and Shia worshipers in Diyala. Security forces killed two suicide bombers south of Mosul. Insurgents killed a civilian in Mosul.

Insurgents renew attacks on Iraqi security troops

Al Qaeda suicide bombers kill 15 in attacks on Iraqi police, Shia pilgrims

Suicide bombers struck at a police training center and a gathering of Shia pilgrims in the northeastern province of Baqubah.

An al Qaeda suicide bomber killed more than 40 police recruits at a recruiting station in Tikrit. Insurgents killed a civilian in an IED attack in Baghdad.

Bioterror fears prompt US to keep its smallpox cache

Al Qaeda suicide bomber kills over 40 police recruits in central Iraq

The suicide bomber detonated his vest among 300 Iraqis lining up to join the police in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit.

An al Qaeda suicide bomber killed a civilian in an attempt to assassinate the governor of Anbar province. The Basrah provincial council fired the police chief after 12 al Qaeda operatives escaped from prison. Three al Qaeda fighters surrendered to police.

Gulf war, 20 years on: Kuwait emerges from under Iraq's shadow

Baghdad raids on alcohol sellers stir fears

Mixed messages on Iraq withdrawal

Two Iraqi soldiers killed two US troops during training in Mosul. Insurgents killed a US soldier in central Iraq and a policeman in Baghdad.

Save energy, save our troops

Thirteen al Qaeda fighters escaped from a prison in Basrah. Insurgents killed a jeweler in Baghdad and a policeman in Mosul. Security forces detained 11 wanted men in in Diyala.

Insurgents killed two civilians in three bombings in Baghdad. Security forces detained 24 wanted men in Basrah and Kirkuk, and discovered an IED factory near Mosul.

Biden and Maliki say they are still committed to troop withdrawal by end of year

Contours of a large and lasting American presence in Iraq starting to take shape