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Security forces detained 35 al Qaeda leaders and fighters in Anbar, seven wanted men in Basrah, and four terrorists in Mosul. Two people were killed in bombings in Baghdad. Deaths due to the insurgency have dropped for the month of November.

Troops re-doubling advise, assist efforts in Iraq

Al Qaeda's emir for Wasit province was captured in Al Kut. Security forces arrested 52 wanted men in Mosul, Kirkuk, and Diyala, 11 al Qaeda operatives in Karbala, and five insurgents in Babil. Insurgents killed two government officials and a policeman in Baghdad.

Iraq: Al-Qaeda suicide attacks against Shias feared during Muslim New Year

IED eradication needs global attention, general says

Wikileaks cables: US fights flow of arms from eastern Europe to its enemies

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed three children in a bombing at a home of an Awakening leader in Diyala. Security forces detained seven wanted men in Mosul and five more in Basrah. Authorities detained 21 policemen after a Special Groups commander escaped from a jail in Nasiriyah.

Insurgents killed two policemen in Mosul and three civilians in separate attacks in Baghdad. The influx of foreign fighters into Iraq has increased; some officials claim as many as 250 are thought to have entered Iraq last month.

More foreign fighters seen slipping back into Iraq

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed 13 people, including six Shia pilgrims, in bombings in Baghdad; Iran denied its citizens were killed in the bombings. Al Qaeda in Iraq denied Iraqi security forces captured the cell behind the attack on a Christian church in Baghdad.

A resurgent Syria alarms US, Israel

Photos of AQI's top 2 leaders

Security forces detained 39 al Qaeda fighters during raids in Anbar province. An Iraqi newspaper released photographs of al Qaeda's top two leaders in the country. Insurgents killed a policeman in Baghdad and attempted to assassinate the intelligence chief of Dhi Qhar province.

Iraq parades 39 al-Qaeda members amid execution calls

Security forces killed three terrorists and detained a Moroccan in Mosul, and arrested a senior al Qaeda leader in al-Furat al-Aswat and 17 wanted men in Kirkuk. The interior ministry claimed al Qaeda's network in Anbar has been rolled up. Insurgents killed an Army officer in Jalawlaa and a civilian in Mosul.

A conversation with Christopher Hitchens

Media in China, Arab Middle East suppressing WikiLeaks coverage

Al Qaeda in Iraq's security minister captured in Anbar

Hazem Abdul Razzaq Al Zawi, the security minister of the Islamic State of Iraq, has disclosed the real names of al Qaeda's top leaders in the country.

Insurgents killed two policemen in a bombing in Anbar and tortured and executed three young men kidnapped in in Balad. Security forces captured a car bomb maker in Mosul.

US: Special forces operations down by half in Iraq