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Insurgents killed three people in a bombing in Mosul. Security forces detained 16 wanted men in Diyala and a Naqshabandiya leader behind yesterday's deadly bombing in Miqdadiyah.

Insurgents killed 13 Iraqis in a car bombing in Miqdadiyah, and killed a cleric north of Mosul. Security forces detained 37 suspected insurgents in Diyala and 20 wanted men in Basrah.

Kidnap and ransom: negotiating lives for cash

From Berlin to bin Laden

Insurgents killed a policeman in a bombing in Baqubah and an Iraqi interpreter who worked for US forces in Al Kut. Police arrested 10 criminals in Karbala.

An insurgent died in a premature detonation in Fallujah. Three wanted men surrendered to authorities in Baqubah. The government will delay the purchase of F-16s in order to boost food rations.

Insurgents killed a policeman in an armed attack in Baghdad and a civilian in an IED attack in Basrah. The government imposed tight security measures in Ramadi in preparation for a protest.

A suicide bomber killed 31 Iraqis at a bombing that targeted Shia pilgrims at a cafe just north of Samarra. Police arrested 25 wanted men in Diyala.

Security forces arrested five al Qaeda in Iraq operatives in Diyala and Baghdad, and two wanted men in Kirkuk. Four Awakening fighters were killed during clashes between Arabs and Turcomans in Kirkuk.

Longtime spy chief now atop Egyptian pyramid

Insurgents killed six Iraqis in a car bombing in Dujail in Salahadin province. Security forces detained 28 wanted men in Basrah and seven members of an al Qaeda cell in Karbala.

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Iraqi Army training

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Analysis: Arab rulers use sticks, carrots to stem discontent

A brigadier in the Iraqi Army was killed in an IED attack close to his home in Baghdad. A group called for protests to be held at Tahrir Square in Baghdad on Feb. 25; the group is calling the planned event the "Iraqi Rage Revolution."

In Kirkuk, a test of US peacekeepers' lasting impact

US Joint Chiefs chairman says military must focus beyond Iraq and Afghanistan

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