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Demise of Iraqi water park illustrates limitations, abuse of US funding program

Insurgents killed a soldier, a policeman, and three civilians in separate attacks in Mosul, Baghdad, Balad, and Fallujah. The National Council for Strategic Policies should be formed by February.

Pope calls Egypt church attack vile gesture

Egypt church bomb probe focuses on local group

Iraqi civilian deaths down in 2010

Insurgents killed a police colonel and his driver in Baghdad, and a soldier in Fallujah. Police arrested an Education Ministry supervisor who led an al Qaeda assassination squad in Diyala.

Pope rallies Christians not to despair in face of recent attacks

Suspected suicide bomber kills 21 in attack on Egyptian church

The Interior Ministry said it believes that "foreign elements undertook planning and execution" of the blast outside a Coptic church in Alexandria.

Christians are casualties of 10 Baghdad attacks

Security forces captured the organizer of yesterday's suicide attack on a police headquarters in Mosul that killed a senior police chief. 2010 has seen the lowest number of Iraqi civilian and US troop casualties since the US invasion in 2003.

Embassy bombings 'aimed at revitalising anarchist movement'

A four-man al Qaeda in Iraq suicide team killed a police chief and three policemen in an attack on a police headquarters in Mosul. Security forces detained three al Qaeda operatives in Diyala and another in Kirkuk, and arrested a wanted man in Diwaniyah.

Suicide assault team kills Mosul emergency police chief

The commander of the 1st Emergency Battalion in Mosul had been targeted by al Qaeda on five other occasions. He had recently killed al Qaeda's top leader in the city.

Al Qaeda killed two soldiers in Mosul and Tal Afar. Security forces detained senior al Qaeda in Iraq leaders in Mosul, and three al Qaeda fighters in Huweija.

Iraq to remove checkpoints across Baghdad

Iraqi prime minister says US troops must leave next year as planned

Militias stem Pakistani Taliban, but at what cost?

States of conflict: An update on Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan

Two suicide bombers killed 17 people in an attack on the provincial center in Anbar. Insurgents killed a police major in Diyala. Security forces detained 15 wanted men in Kirkuk, two suicide bombers in Samarra, an al Qaeda leader and several operatives in Tikrit, Kirkuk, and Khalis, and an Ansar al Sunnah leader and two aides in Anbar.

Security forces killed an insurgent and detained 11 more in Mosul, and detained seven more in Hillah. Insurgents nearly assassinated an interior ministry official in Baghdad.