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Insurgents killed a soldier and a university professor in Mosul, and a son of an Iraqi who works for the Anbar provincial council in Fallujah. Security forces captured the finance minister for al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq.

Allawi labels Iraqi power sharing 'fake'

A gunmen and a security officer were killed during a raid in Huweija. Insurgents killed a civilian in Mosul. A provincial official claimed US forces arrested two Iraqi policemen in Maysan.

Insurgents killed seven Iraqis at a train station in Basrah, two civilians in a shooting in Diyala, a policeman in Mosul, and a member of the Sunni Endowment in Baghdad. Soldiers killed a suicide bomber in Mosul.

Security forces detained a Saudi al Qaeda operative in Mosul. The Saudi was captured with his passport and a suicide vest in his possession. A tribal leader in Baqubah escaped an assassination attempt.

An al Qaeda suicide bomber killed eight soldiers and two policemen in Haditha. Security forces captured a senior al Qaeda leader in Mosul and detained 24 wanted men in Basrah.

Suicide bomber kills 10 Iraqis in Haditha

Eight Iraqi soldiers were among those killed in the latest suicide attack in Anbar province. Haditha was once a seat of power for al Qaeda in Iraq.

Insurgents killed two Iraqis in bombings in Baghdad and Mosul. Security forces arrested more than 50 members of the "religious extremist" group Naqshabandiya during raids in Kirkuk.

Pressure for change builds across Arab world

Iraqi women work to halt bombers, but paycheck is elusive

Security forces killed five "terrorists" in Sulaimaniyah and detained 19 wanted men in Diyala. A suicide bomber killed only himself in Sulaimaniyah. Twenty-seven protesters were wounded in Maysan.

Insurgents killed six people in an attack in Fallujah. Two protesters were killed in Mosul, and scores of protesters and policemen were wounded in Baghdad, Kirkuk, Basrah, Fallujah, and Salahadin.

Iraqi troops kill al Qaeda's 'war minister' in Anbar: report

Iraq's Interior Minister claimed that Nasser al Din Allah Abu Suleiman, the war minister for the Islamic State of Iraq, was killed during a raid in Anbar province.

Iraqi Kurdistan, Known as Haven, Faces Unrest

A suicide bomber killed 13 people, including three policemen, in Ramadi. Al Qaeda killed civilians in Diyala and a policeman in Tal Afar. Muqtada al Sadr returned to Iraq.

Insurgents killed two soldiers in Mosul. Security forces detained six al Qaeda commanders in Al Qaim. A policeman was killed in protests in Halaba, and 14 protesters were wounded in Dhi Qhar.

US oversight of war-zone contractors labeled weak

Insurgents killed two soldiers in Mosul and a cleric in Baqubah. Security forces captured an al Qaeda commander north of Baqubah, and broke up a terror group in Ninewa.

Insurgents killed 10 policemen in a car bombing in Samarra and a civilian in Fallujah. Security forces detained 20 wanted men in Maysan and 10 more in Diyala.

Insurgents killed three people in a bombing in Mosul. Security forces detained 16 wanted men in Diyala and a Naqshabandiya leader behind yesterday's deadly bombing in Miqdadiyah.