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Clashes fuel debate over US plan to leave Iraq

Insurgents killed six women and a young man in an attack on their home in Mosul. Three terrorists were killed when their car detonated prematurely in Baghdad. Kurdish Peshmerga forces withdrew from areas of Kirkuk.

Insurgents killed two civilians in Baghdad and Mosul. Security forces broke up two al Qaeda in Iraq cells in Babil. Ansar al Sunnah vowed to continue fighting the Iraqi government.

Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links

Insurgents killed a professor and a soldier in Baghdad, and another soldier in Mosul. Security forces detained seven wanted men in Diyala and three more in Kirkuk, and four insurgents in Diwaniyah.

In Iraq, US Special Forces gearing up to leave

The Islamic Army, HAMAS - Iraq, the 1920 Revolution Brigades, the Mujahideen Army, the Rashidin Army, and the Shariah Commission of Ansar al Sunnah are said to be in reconciliation talks with the Iraqi government. Security forces arrested 18 wanted men in Kirkuk.

Insurgents killed two civilians in Baghdad and a policeman in Mosul. Security forces captured an al Qaeda leader in Amiriyah. The Minister of National Reconciliation said five "armed groups" have laid down their arms.

Two police officers were killed in shootings in Baghdad. A policeman was killed during clashes with protesters in Halabja. Security forces arrested 10 wanted men in Basrah.


Arab world divided on Libya no-fly zone

Insurgents killed an Awakening leader in Kirkuk, the Director General of Iraq's Oil Marketing and a colonel in the Iraqi Army in Baghdad, and a civilian in Baghdad. The National Reconciliation Minister is meeting with unnamed "armed groups."

A suicide bomber killed an Awakening commander and five members of his family in an attack in Dalouiya. Insurgents killed three Iraqis in four separate bombings in Baghdad.

Confronting Gadhafi is not enough

Insurgents killed an Awakening fighter in Babil, a contractor in Mosul, and a lawyer in Kirkuk. Security forces arrested three terrorists in Fallujah.

Insurgents killed four people in bombings in Baghdad and Tikrit. Security forces detained a senior leader of the Islamic State of Iraq who was behind attacks in Kirkuk and captured four wanted men in Al Kut.

In Iraq protests, a younger generation finds its voice

Insurgents killed a policeman in Baqubah. Security forces detained 13 wanted men in Diyala. A court sentenced Baathist leaders Tariq Aziz, Ali Abed Hmoud, and Hussein Khidhierv to life in prison.

US diplomat: Budget fight threatens Iraq gains

Iraqi delay hinders US planning