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In Kirkuk, a test of US peacekeepers' lasting impact

US Joint Chiefs chairman says military must focus beyond Iraq and Afghanistan

No 3rd term for Maliki?

Insurgents killed a policeman and a woman in a bombing in Babil. Security forces detained 18 wanted men in Basrah. Officials said 229 insurgents surrendered to the government since July 2010.

Chinese weapons fall into hands of militants: US cables

Iraqi officials deny existence of alleged secret detention center

Maliki not to seek third term

Insurgents killed two civilians in bombings in Samarra, a tribal leader in a bombing in Fallujah, and a civilian in a shooting in Baghdad. Security forces arrested a terrorist in Al Kut.

Maliki: Iran, Syria are arming Iraqi terror groups

Iraqis reject insurgents, support transition

Eight policemen were killed in Ramadi, and two policemen and a finance ministry employee were killed in Baghdad. A suicide bomber wounded four people in Ramadi.

Exodus of Christians from Iraq intensifies

Insurgents killed a policeman in Mosul and an intelligence officer and a trade ministry employee in Baghdad. Security forces arrested an Islamic State of Iraq leader in Wasit.

US Senate report says Iraq is at critical juncture

Everywhere but Iraq?

Iraqi security forces facing serious problems, US oversight official reports

Insurgents assassinated a mayor in northern Diyala. Security forces detained an al Qaeda in Iraq leader in Wasit and five wanted men in Al Kut.

Security forces detained five wanted men in Al Kut and four more in Mosul. Two policemen and a civilian were wounded in a hand grenade attack in Mosul.

Insurgents killed 48 civilians and wounded 121 more in a car bombing at a funeral in a Shia neighborhood in Baghdad. Two civilians were killed in a 'sticky bomb' attack in Baghdad.

Sadr's return short-lived after threats from Asaib al Haq