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Insurgents killed a policeman and two civilians in attacks in Diyala and Kirkuk. The US may transfer Hezbollah commander Ali Mussa Daqduq to Iraqi custody.

Iranian Incursion Into Iraqi Kurdistan Keeps Regional Players Guessing

Insurgents gunned down a civilian in Kirkuk. Security forces detained three terrorists in Kirkuk. Iraqi forces closed the Tanaf border crossing with Syria due to fighting across the border.

Iraqi refugees in US rechecked for terrorism links

Al Qaeda Seen Aiming at Targets Outside US

Security forces killed three gunmen and arrested three more in Mosul, and detained a senior al Qaeda leader in Thi Qar and 18 wanted men in Basrah. Insurgents killed an Awakening fighter in Kirkuk. Iraqi is seeking US trainers, not soldiers, to remain after the December 2011 deadline.

Iraq eyes US trainers, not troops, after 2011

Insurgents killed two civilians, two policemen, and a soldier in Mosul. Iranian troops crossed the border into Iraqi and killed two PJAK fighters; an IRGC soldier was also killed.

Thirteen people have been killed and more than 100 have been wounded in terror attacks on Shia pilgrims in Karbala; one of the attacks, a suicide bombing, was carried out by a female. Insurgents killed a US soldier in the south.

Iraq to execute Saddam half-brothers

Insurgents killed eight people in bombings in Karbala. Security forces detained eight wanted men in Basrah and five more in Karbala. The US turned over more than 200 prisoners, including two of Saddam Hussein's half-brothers and a former defense minister, to Iraqi custody.

To Track Militants, US Has System That Never Forgets a Face

Panetta signals a new tone on US-led wars

US team eyes Iraq weapons trail back to Iran

Insurgents killed four civilians in attacks in Baghdad, Kabala, and Kirkuk. The Iranian ambassador to Iraq was wounded in an accident in the Green Zone in Baghdad.

Insurgents killed two Awakening fighters in Baghdad and a soldier in Mosul. Security forces detained 21 wanted "terrorists" in Basrah.

Insurgents killed two soldiers in Mosul, a police colonel in Tikrit, an Army officer in Al Kut, and a US soldier in the south. Iran threatened to attack bases of the PKAK, a PKK offshoot, inside Iraq.

Panetta Reveals Iraq Frustration

Marine general says US succeeding in Afghanistan but gains not yet 'irreversible'

Panetta Says Iranian Arms in Iraq Are a 'Concern'