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A suicide bomber killed himself in a premature detonation. An "Iranian sniper" killed an Iraqi civilian in Haj Omran. Ninewa police discovered the body of an escaped prisoner.

35,000 Worldwide Convicted for Terror

CIA shifts focus to killing targets

US Says Forces Coordinate With Iraq, Turkey On Rebel Attacks

Iraq: 'More than 12,000 civilians' died in seven years of Iraqi suicide bombings

Petraeus Retires, With a Warning

Insurgents killed three civilians, a soldier, and an Army officer in attacks in Baghdad and Salahadin. Thirty-five prisoners convicted of terrorism charges escaped from a Mosul jail; 21 have been recaptured. Muqtada al Sadr called on Iraqis to rise up against the government.

Iraq toll still high a year after US combat halt

US counterterror chief: al-Qaida on 'steady slide'

Prime Minister Maliki said the US would pull out its troops from Iraq by the end of December 2011. Iraq closed down its airspace due to "a potential danger threatening the airport's and airplanes safety."

Stuck Between 2 Sides of Islam

Reducing waste in wartime contracts

Insurgents killed four policemen and a soldier in separate attacks in Baghdad, Baqubah, and Mosul. Turkish warplanes have attacked Kurdish terrorists in northern Iraq.

If the Arab Spring Turns Ugly

A suicide bomber killed 28 people in an attack at a mosque in Baghdad. Terrorists killed a policeman in a bombing in Mosul.

Al Qaeda suicide bomber kills 28 Iraqis in attack in Baghdad mosque

Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Ghafour al Samarrai, the head of the Sunni Endowment who has been vocal in his opposition to al Qaeda, was the target of the attack. He was wounded in the blast.

UN concerned about Iraq strength before US exit

Insurgents killed three people in Iskandariyah and a security official in Saadiya. A terrorist died in a premature detonation in Mosul. Security forces detained 12 wanted men, including an Islamic State of Iraq leader, in Mosul and five

Insurgents killed five people and wounded 25 more in a bombing yesterday in Basrah. Security forces detained five wanted men, including an al Qaeda commander, in Mosul.

Insurgents killed a policeman in a bombing in Mosul. The commander of the 7th Iraqi Army Division dodged an IED attack in Anbar; his driver was killed in the attack.