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Insurgents killed two civilians in attacks in Mosul and Baqubah. Security forces detained a military commander of al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq in Wasit.

The 9/11 Decade

Insurgents killed an Iraqi soldier in Mosul. Security forces arrested 22 wanted men in Basrah. Iran claimed it killed 123 PJAK fighters, including the deputy military commander, during shelling in Iraq over the past month.

US Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno said the US "had to be careful about leaving too many people in Iraq" to avoid the perception of an occupation. Iraqi forces detained six "wanted men" in Amara.

US says no decision on keeping troops in Iraq

Insurgents killed two Awakening leaders in Diyala and Dijail. Police captured five terrorists involved in the Ramadan bombing in Al Kut that killed 40 people.

America safer 10 years after 9/11, but new terrorism threats have emerged, experts say

EXCLUSIVE: Libyan missiles looted

Plan Would Keep Small Force in Iraq Past Deadline

Insurgents killed eight soldiers in Anbar and two civilians in Kirkuk. Three "terrorists" were detained in Kirkuk. The US will reportedly draw down its forces to 3,000 troops by the end of the year.

US Eyes Covert Plan to Counter Iran in Iraq

US pulls back from lead role in conflicts: IISS

US must stay in Afghanistan or risk more attacks: envoy

An Awakening officer was killed in Kirkuk. The Iranian military killed a woman during shelling in Kurdish areas in the north. The Baghdad Operations Commander dodged an assassination attempt in the capital.

'Top Secret America': A look at the military's Joint Special Operations Command

A decade after the 9/11 attacks, Americans live in an era of endless war

The bodies of two more escaped prisoners from a jail in Mosul have been found. Insurgents killed a soldier in Mosul. The government is following up on a leaked diplomatic cable that claims US soldiers executed 10 civilians in 2006.

A suicide bomber killed himself in a premature detonation. An "Iranian sniper" killed an Iraqi civilian in Haj Omran. Ninewa police discovered the body of an escaped prisoner.

35,000 Worldwide Convicted for Terror

CIA shifts focus to killing targets