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Bad linguists shape outcomes, raise blood pressure

Unrest a virus?

Iraqi Army training

Iraqi Christians find refuge in France

Analysis: Arab rulers use sticks, carrots to stem discontent

A brigadier in the Iraqi Army was killed in an IED attack close to his home in Baghdad. A group called for protests to be held at Tahrir Square in Baghdad on Feb. 25; the group is calling the planned event the "Iraqi Rage Revolution."

In Kirkuk, a test of US peacekeepers' lasting impact

US Joint Chiefs chairman says military must focus beyond Iraq and Afghanistan

No 3rd term for Maliki?

Insurgents killed a policeman and a woman in a bombing in Babil. Security forces detained 18 wanted men in Basrah. Officials said 229 insurgents surrendered to the government since July 2010.

Chinese weapons fall into hands of militants: US cables

Iraqi officials deny existence of alleged secret detention center

Maliki not to seek third term

Insurgents killed two civilians in bombings in Samarra, a tribal leader in a bombing in Fallujah, and a civilian in a shooting in Baghdad. Security forces arrested a terrorist in Al Kut.

Maliki: Iran, Syria are arming Iraqi terror groups

Iraqis reject insurgents, support transition

Eight policemen were killed in Ramadi, and two policemen and a finance ministry employee were killed in Baghdad. A suicide bomber wounded four people in Ramadi.

Exodus of Christians from Iraq intensifies

Insurgents killed a policeman in Mosul and an intelligence officer and a trade ministry employee in Baghdad. Security forces arrested an Islamic State of Iraq leader in Wasit.

US Senate report says Iraq is at critical juncture