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Iraq executed 12 al Qaeda members who were convicted for the massacre of 70 people at a wedding. A string of bombings in Basra killed 19 people on Thursday evening and injured dozens more. Militants attacked a security checkpoint in Fallujah, killing one soldier and injuring three others.

US Easing Out Of Nation-Building Business

Insurgents stormed a police station in Hawijah and killed a pharmacist in Samarra. The government said Exxon violated the country's laws when it struck a deal with the Kurdish Regional Government.

US Clashes With Baghdad Over Fate of Last Detainee

The US has transferred all detainees, save Hezbollah leader Musa Ali Daqduq, over to Iraqi control. Police killed a suicide bomber in Mosul.

Insurgents killed two Kurdish troops in Kirkuk. Security forces arrested a "terrorist" involved in assassinations in Mosul. A parliamentary committee said the Iraqi Air Force needs five years before it can defend Iraqi airspace.

Insurgents killed five policemen during an attack on a police checkpoint in Ramadi; three insurgents were also killed. An Iraqi security official claimed US troops killed two civilians after opening fire following an IED attack in Yusifiyah.

Insurgents killed five people in a bombing outside a policeman's home in Saqlawiyah and four Iraqis in bombing outside three mosques in Abu Ghraib. Iraq is discussing with the UN the closure of the MEK's Camp Arshaf.

Iraq executed a Tunisian al Qaeda operative who was involved in the 2006 bombing of the Golden mosques in Samarra; one Egyptian and nine Iraqis were also executed for terrorism charges. Muqtada al Sadr said he supports Syrian President Bashir al Assad.

Insurgents killed a policeman and a doctor in Mosul, and a US soldier in central Iraq. The government approved a $17.2 billion deal for Royal Dutch Shell PLC to process gas in Basrah.

Security forces killed three suicide bombers in Baghdad, and captured al Qaeda's governors of Diyala and southern Baghdad. Security forces also detained 19 "terrorists" in Diyala.

As US prepares to leave Iraq, Iran's influence looms large

Insurgents killed an Iraqi Army officer in Tikrit, a policeman in Fallujah, and two civilians in Baghdad. The US turned over two radar installations to the Iraqi military. Iraq abstained from the vote that suspended Syria from the Arab League.

Iraq Criticizes Exxon Mobil for Its Deal With the Kurds

Security forces detained five al Qaeda fighters in Wasit and six armed men in Baqubah. Insurgents killed a police commander in Fallujah. The Kurdish government reached a tentative agreement with Baghdad on petroleum exploration.

Security forces captured an al Qaeda emir in Karbala and a military doctor who supported terrorists in Khalis. Insurgents killed an Awakening member in Baqubah.

Insurgents killed an Awakening leader in Salahadin and attempted to assassinate the mayor of Mosul. The US has turned over the massive airbase at Balad to the Iraqi military.

Iranian influence seeping into Iraq

The governor of Anbar province dodged an assassination attempt in Abu Ghraib as he traveled to Baghdad. Kuwait denied it planned to host more troops as the US draws down in Iraq.

Iraq Factions Spar Over Security Forces Just Weeks Before Last U.S. Troops Depart