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President Obama said his strategy to defeat the Islamic State will mirror that of US actions in Somalia and Yemen, will use air power, and will not include ground forces. The US launched an airstrike agains the Islamic State near Irbil. Iraiq special forces killed seven Islamic State fighters outside of Fallujah. The military claimed it killed 57 Islamic State fighters in Babil, Tikrit, and Dhuluyia.

France 'ready' for military action in Iraq and Syria

US aided Hezbollah Brigades in breaking Islamic State siege of Iraqi town

Hezbollah Brigades, which was listed by the US as a Foreign Terrorist Organization in 2009, now controls access to Amerli.

The US launched five airstrikes against the Islamic State near the Haditha Dam. The Iraqi military claimed it cleared the Islamic State from Barwana near Haditha; the military also claimed it cleared Barwana last week. The Islamic State kidnapped 20 people, including five policemen, in a village near Tikrit.

UN Security Council to set out plan to stop foreign fighters joining extremist groups in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere

A President Whose Assurances Have Come Back to Haunt Him

The Islamic State killed 17 Iraqis in a suicide assault in the town of Dhuluiya, and launched a large-scale assault on the town of Ziwiya. The US targeted the Islamic State in five airstrikes in Irbil and near the Haditha Dam. The Iraqi military claimed it killed 22 Islamic State fighters in Jurf al Sakhar.

Israel provides intelligence on ISIS

West widens contacts with Syria's Kurds

Between a rock and a hard place: An interview with Anbar Governor Ahmed Dulaimi

Eastern churches renew calls to prohibit attacks on Christians

The Islamic State and the politics of official narratives

Destroying ISIS May Take Years, US Officials Say

The US launched four airstrikes in support of Iraqi military operations near the Haditha Dam in Anbar. The military claimed it killed several islamic State leaders, including a Moroccan, in Tal Afar, 16 fighters in Dhuliyah, and 11 more in northern Babil. The governor of Anbar was wounded in Barwana.

Obama to set out plan to go on offensive against Islamic State

US airstrikes target Islamic State at the Haditha Dam

The US air campaign against the Islamic State has expanded into Anbar province.

Iraq Welcomes US Plan for Coalition against Jihadists

Obama: US will 'take out' ISIS leaders

Canada to send military advisers to help Iraq counter ISIS

US: 'No plans' for military coordination with Iran over IS