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President Ahmadinejad said Iran will announce enrichment of uranium to 20 percent purity at the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution, which is next month. Opposition leader Mehdi Karoubi acknowledged Ahmadinejad as the country's legitimate president. EU foreign ministers met to discuss new sanctions on Iran.

President Ahmadinejad threatened that Iran would soon enrich its own nuclear fuel. Human Rights Watch said Iran's post-election crackdown was a "human rights disaster." An Iranian general said the US is on the verge of experiencing a "collapse" in the Middle East.

Russia said it would complete the Bushehr nuclear reactor this year. "2010 is the year of Bushehr," the chief of the Rosatom state nuclear corporation said. Parliament Speaker Larijani said a US cyberwar against Iran would be futile.

Russia's foreign minister said that his country "regrets Iran's rejection of the UN nuclear deal." Iranian students boycotted school exams in protest of last summer's election. Parliament speaker Larijani argued that the US fueled Israel's war in Gaza last year.

The US, Russia, France, Britain, and Germany are expecting China to get on board with a tougher sanctions regimen on Iran. The government is planning on placing new limits on cash withdrawals for citizens.

Tehran rejected the IAEA's plan to ship uranium abroad. US intelligence agencies corrected policy statements on Iran's nuclear program made in the 2007 NIE report. More than 40 protesters were arrested by police, on the basis of photographs taken at protests.

Iran's opposition urged protests on Revolution Day next month. Germany warned Iran that it faces new sanctions unless the nuclear issue is resolved. A city prosecutor was assassinated in northwestern Iran.

Iran vowed revenge on Israel and the US for a physicist's death. The chief prosecutor called for the death penalty for protesters on trial. Iranian state television said it would give air time to the opposition.

China refused to impose further sanctions on Iran. A man who planted a bomb near the office of the governor of Khorasan Razavi province died after detonating the bomb when security officials arrived. Tehran's former chief prosecutor denied involvement in the torture and death of three protestors.

Iran's police chief warned opposition supporters not to use cell phones and e-mail messages to organize protest rallies against the government. Tehran police arrested a dissident cleric and warned against additional protests. The government will try sixteen people in connection with the December protests.

Dueling protests erupted at the funeral of the Iranian nuclear scientist who was killed in a bombing in Tehran. Parliament speaker Ali Larijani accused President Obama of state terrorism.

A US official released a statement denying involvement in the bombing that killed an Iranian physicist. Ayatollah Rafsanjani said Iran's political crisis must be resolved. The 'Iranian Cyber Army™ attacked a Chinese web site.

An Iranian nuclear physicist was killed in a bomb blast in Tehran. The major world powers are to meet in New York City to discuss new sanctions on Iran.

Opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi accused the Iranian government of "suppressing people in the name of religion." Tehran dismissed General Petraeus' remarks that Iranian nuclear sites could be bombed. Tehran announced plans to expand economic growth to 8 percent per year over the next five years.

Iranian and Iraqi envoys met after a border clash at the disputed Fakka oil well. US Defense Secretary Gates said an attack on Iran would be "very, very destabilizing" to the Middle East. In a meeting with Bahrain's parliament speaker, President Ahmadinehjad urged unity among Muslim nations.

Tehran will prosecute five protesters. Foreign Minister Mottaki stressed that Tehran's relationship with Baghdad is strong and is "based on mutual respect." Bahrain's speaker of parliament called for expanded bilateral ties with Iran.

Satellite imagery shows Iran shielding its nuclear infrastructure with a maze of tunnels. The Chinese ambassador to the United Nations said more sanctions on Iran are a bad idea. Iran and Turkmenistan agreed to launch a new gas pipeline.

Iran accepted Secretary of State Clinton's non-deadline on continuing nuclear negotiations. Iran's interior minister warned opposition activists that they risk execution as "enemies of God" if they continue anti-government demonstrations. The Esfandiar oil field awaits finance approval from Qatar's National Bank.

The US rejected Iran's counter-proposal for its nuclear program and the exchange of nuclear fuel on Iranian soil. Chinese companies evaded US sanctions on Iran. Tehran will conduct defensive military exercises.

General Petraeus said US intelligence indicates that former hostage Peter Moore was held in Iran. The foreign minister issued an "ultimatum" to the West to accept its proposal to swap nuclear fuel. Iran is considering downgrading diplomatic ties with Britain.