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Demand for Iranian crude oil increased despite sanctions. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez traveled to Iran and Syria, and won Russian support for Venezuela's planned nuclear program. An Iranian-American imprisoned in Iran for more than two years returned to California.

President Ahmadinejad and Argentinian President Hugo Chavez vowed to form a "new world order." Turkey's deputy prime minister said Iran sanctions will not serve to further negotiations.

Tehran complained that the jet fuel ban on Iranian aircraft in Western airports is illegal. The two remaining US hikers jailed in Iran will be tried for spying. The IAEA announced that Tehran has enriched 30 kg of uranium to 20 percent.

Tehran sent a delegate to the international meeting on Afghanistan in Rome. Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki travelled to Tehran for a meeting with the government. The US asked the Chinese government to prevent firms from aiding Iranian nuclear and missile development.

"Iran is trying to wreak havoc on the region and trying to destabilize the region by destabilizing Iraq and destabilizing Lebanon and destabilizing the Palestinian issue," former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi said. Iran warned the media not to publish news about the political opposition to the current regime.

Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said talks over Iran's nuclear program are likely to begin in November. Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi said two US hikers should be tried for spying. A top IRGC official said the West is attempting to sow divisions between Sunni and Shia Muslims.

Iran's foreign minister hinted at resuming nuclear talks during his visit to Brussels. Inpex announced its plan to exit an Iranian oil project. Iran will take over the OPEC presidency for the first time in 36 years.

President Ahmedinejad announced that Iran will continue its nuclear efforts. Tehran arrested Mehdi Khazali, a son of a prominent conservative cleric.

President Ahmadinejad received a warm welcome during his visit to Beirut. A fire at a military base killed 18 members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. Tehran will try five Iranian nationals for spying for foreign nations.

The Iranian parliament demanded that Iran take legal action against Russia for failing to deliver the S-300 missile system. The US warned American citizens in Lebanon to be on alert during President Ahmadinejad's visit to Beirut. Iran Khodro wants to expand car manufacturing in Venezuela. Iran upped its oil reserves estimates, saying that 150 billion barrels is a "conservative estimate."

Jundallah kidnapped a nuclear worker and said information on Iran's program would be released if 200 prisoners were not released; Iran said the kidnapped man was just a laborer. Iran's atomic energy chief admitted Western agents penetrated security at nuclear facilities, but said the problem has been contained.

The finance minister said Iran has grown stronger due to UN sanctions. Hezbollah said Iran helped rebuild Lebanon "modestly" after the terror group's 2006 war with Israel. Police killed two "terrorists" involved in the recent killing of four policemen and a civilian.

Germany's foreign minister said Iran must "come clean" to the world about its nuclear program. President Ahmadinejad is in Southern Lebanon as part of a "visit for unity" trip. Terrorists killed police and civilians in Iran's western Kurdistan province.

Russia will return a $166.8 million down payment on the canceled shipment of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system to Iran. President Ahmadinejad thanked the Pope for condemning Koran burnings. The Iranian judiciary warned gold merchants to call off their anti-tax strike.

President Ahmadinejad emphasized Iran's role in global management now that the "capitalist world is collapsing." Afghan police seized 20 tons of explosives originating from Iran. UAE banks will cut ties to Iranian banks blacklisted by sanctions.

President Ahmadinejad warned that US troops should leave the Middle East. Iran's foreign ministry spokesman said that Tehran is open to resuming nuclear talks. A UK soldier was arrested for attempting to smuggle weapons into Iran.

Tehran arrested several people for "nuclear spying" in connection with the computer worm attack on Bushehr. Iraq announced oil reserves in excess of 143 billion; Iraq overtakes Iran as the world's fourth largest producer. Iran and Egypt resumed direct commercial flights between Tehran and Cairo for the first time in three decades.

The deputy industry minister for technology claimed Iran's industries are now free of the dangerous Stuxnet virus that disables control software. President Ahmedinejad wants to "bury" US leaders for its opposition to Iran's nuclear program.

Security forces arrested several people said to be involved in the dangerous Stuxnet virus that has plagued the Bushehr nuclear plant. Police arrested Ebrahim Yazdi, the leader of the Freedom Movement of Iran, in Isfahan. The deputy oil minister claimed Iran broke its record of gasoline production.

German cyber security experts report that the Stuxnet computer virus attack on Bushehr may be of Israeli origin. European oil firms decided to stop all business deals with Iran. Syrian President Assad is due in Tehran tomorrow.