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US frees suspect in killing of 5 GIs

Iran's main nuclear plant expanding rapidly, says IAEA

Zahra Rahnavard demands apology from Iran™s President Ahmadinejad

Iran hangs two Jundallah men

Iran closer to nuclear weapon capacity

IAEA: New uranium traces found in Syria

Iranian poll rivals clash on live TV

Five reported killed in arson attack in southeastern Iran

Pakistan vows to wipe out Jundullah: report

Iranian officials defuse bomb found on plane

Iran calls in Pakistan envoy over mosque bomb

Iran ready to aid Lebanon army: Nasrallah

Iran blocks Facebook ahead of presidential polls

Pak behind Iran missile test: Israeli expert

Al Qaeda seeks a new alliance

Iran says it tests missile, Israel within range

Iran plans to build 1,000 longer-range missiles

Iran leader says US promoting terrorism

US reporter in Iran 'held secret report on Iraq War'

Iranian militia kill five rebels near border: report