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Iraq's Shia militias kill Sunni civilians in retaliation against ISIS, Amnesty says

Iran refused to let in US member of UN nuclear team: sources

ISIS' Ammunition Is Shown to Have Origins in US and China

Iran threatens to attack ISIS 'deep' inside Iraq

Khorasan Group: A Terror Cell That Avoided the Spotlight

US told Iran of intent to strike Islamic State in Syria

Turkey clamps down on Syria border after Kurdish unrest

Iran seeks give and take on Islamic State militants, nuclear program

Kerry sees role for Iran in ISIS war, France joins air campaign

Kerry Says US Is Open to Talking to Iran, Even as Ayatollah Is Dismissive

Kerry in Paris: US now open to talks with Iran on Islamic State

US opposes Iran role in coalition against Islamic State

Iran says Afghan, Pakistani Islamic State volunteers arrested

US: 'No plans' for military coordination with Iran over IS

Iran fails to address nuclear bomb concerns: IAEA

Iran says it spoiled plots to sabotage nuclear program

As Islamic State fighters begin to blend in, defeating them no easy matter

US and Iran Hit ISIS, Ignore Each Other

Iran 'Will Arm Palestinians' after Israeli Drone Downed

Iran Says It Downed Israeli Drone over Nuclear Site