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Analysis: Why Arab spring could be al Qaeda's fall

'Anonymous' hackers help Iranian activists fight the regime

Ayatollah Khamenei praised recent revolts around the Arab world as Islamic and said they should be consolidated. Opposition street protests continued in various parts of Tehran.

Iranian Navy exposes a US Navy weakness

US military wants more global partnerships in space

Afghan peace council official: US-Taliban talks hurt Afghan sovereignty

Security forces quell opposition protests in Tehran

A senior official working for the Suez Canal denied reports that Iranian warships passed through the Egyptian waterway; Iran claims two warships transited the canal and are in the Mediterranean Sea. Opposition leader Karroubi dared the regime to put him on trial as the Green Movement gathered for demonstrations.

Unrest encircles Saudis, stoking sense of unease

UN nuclear body may highlight Iran military concerns

Egypt will allow two Iranian warships to use the Suez Canal. Protests against the government are planned for Sunday. Iran hanged six men accused of smuggling drugs.

Afghanistan - Radio Azadi's SMS service hits 100,000 subscribers

According to the IAEA, Iran continues to upgrade its ability to enrich uranium ore into weapons-grade material. A senior ayatollah called for Iranian opposition leaders to be jailed.

Hezbollah leader warns of border conflict

A plan to allow two Iranian warships to pass through the Suez Canal en route to Syria has been canceled. A new US intelligence assessment said that the Iranian regime is split on how to proceed with its nuclear program due to international sanctions.

US spies: Iran split on nuclear program

Russian foreign minister criticises the West for supporting Arab protests

Iran's Natanz nuclear facility recovered quickly from Stuxnet cyberattack

Opposition leaders said they would "pay any price" to bring reform to the country. Human rights groups pressed the UN to denounce the recent round of executions in Iran. Israeli President Peres said he hopes anti-government protesters bring down the Iranian regime.

Egypt leaders found 'off' switch for Internet