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Iran's intelligence minister admits hacking into opposition e-mail

Interior Minister Najjar said that he still cannot confirm reports that Pakistan arrested Jundallah leader Abdul Rauf Rigi. Iran agreed to lift a three-week-long blockade of fuel tankers entering Afghanistan. A court sentenced an "Israeli" spy" to death.

Why Ahmadinejad is dismissing high-level Iranian officials

Iran poised to execute student accused of being Kurd terrorist

Iran claimed it will launch two new satellites into earth's orbit by March 2011. Iran's natural gas exports to Turkey hit a record high this year; Iran hopes to make $50 billion annually in natural gas exports.

Iran cannot confirm that Pakistan has detained the new leader of Jundallah. The chief of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps claimed that Qatar is ready to deepen military ties with Iran. President Ahmedinejad claimed UN sanctions have failed.

Afghan forces have captured Qods Force operatives in the past

British forces face secret new threat from Iran

Swiss official urges charging three with nuke smuggling

ISAF captures Qods Force-linked operative in Kandahar

The Taliban commander is linked to the Qods Force, which aided in the shipment of weapons from Iran to Kandahar province.

Pakistan, Iran jockey for influence after bombings

Casualties in Iran's latest earthquake rose to 40. Lebanese members of parliament denounced Supreme Leader Khamenei's comments on the investigation of the assassination of Rafiq Hariri. Iran boosted the domestic production of gasoline to 1 billion liters.

Iran executed 11 Jundallah suspects in connection with recent bombings. Petroleum prices quadrupled after the government ended subsidies. Adm. Mullen reassured Gulf allies that the US will prevent Iranian military hegemony in the Persian Gulf.

A parliamentary commission voted to cut off diplomatic relations with Britain. The US suspected Indian companies were aiding Iran's missile program and Syria's chemical and biological programs. Police deployed in Tehran as food and fuel subsidy cuts began.

The Chairman of the US Joint Chief of Staff Admiral Mullen said Iran is still pursuing nuclear weapons, and said the US is prepared to deal with Iranian aggression. Pakistan said it would cooperate with Iraq in investigating the Chabahar suicide attack.

Two Iranian-Americans were charged with executing a money laundering scheme to send money to Iran. Tehran arrested eight suspects in connection with the Chabahar suicide bombing.

Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki is concerned about a possible oil deal between Chevron and Iran on the Iran-Iraq border. An American citizen is accused of trying to sell military equipment to Russia and Iran. Russia announced plans to team up with Iran to fight terror. International sanctions have forced Iran to reduce its aid to Hezbollah by 40%.

Jundallah claimed two of its suicide bombers targeted the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in an attack at a mosque in Chabahar in Sistan and Balouchestan province. Forty-one people were killed and more than 100 were wounded. Iran said it captured one of the bombers.

Jundallah claims suicide attack at Iranian mosque

The suicide attack today killed 41 people. Jundallah claimed that the suicide bombers targeted Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

North Korean nuclear ability seen to far outpace Iran's