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President Ahmadinejad announced the launch of several new satellites. Iran's opposition leaders take inspiration from protests in Egypt. An Iranian court set a sentencing date for imprisoned Americans.

Chinese weapons fall into hands of militants: US cables

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov disapproved of new sanctions on Iran, saying they "will basically be aimed at suffocating the Iranian economy." An Iranian official claimed gasoline production has exceeded national consumption.

Former Egyptian military chief says foreign Islamic militants are adding to unrest

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei described the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia as an "Islamic awakening." A senior Iranian Army commander said the Egyptian Army should sever ties with President Mubarak. The trial of three Americans arrested on the Iraqi border will begin on Sunday.

Ayman al Zawahiri's deputy releases statement in support of Egyptian opposition

Thirwat Salah Shehata, a top al Qaeda operative who has long served Ayman al Zawahiri, has released a statement in support of the Egyptian protesters. According to a Saudi publication, Shehata issued the statement from Iran.

Execution rate in Iran alarms UN human rights chief

Iran sees 'Islamic awakening' in Arab world uprisings

Egypt tells Iran: mind your own business

US intelligence on Arab unrest draws criticism

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei again linked political upheaval in North Africa to the Iranian Revolution. Tehran is building new storage capacity to hold petroleum reserves.

Maliki: Iran, Syria are arming Iraqi terror groups

Turmoil heartens US foes

WikiLeaks: UK Treasury 'slow to act in blocking terrorist finance'

Israeli official sees cyber alternative to "ugly" war

A London-based think tank claimed Iran could have nuclear weapon in one or two years. Iraq's Prime Minister Maliki accused Iran of arming foreign fighters. India announced it will pay for Iranian oil in euros, using an intermediary bank.

Egypt revolt has Iran in a spin

WikiLeaks: tension in the Middle East and Asia has 'direct potential' to lead to nuclear war

US and EU authorities filed charges against multiple front companies of Iran's Aerospace Industries Organization. A dispute between India and Iran on oil sales continues. Iran and Afghanistan agreed to improve inter-border trading.

Taliban leader, police link Iran to attacks in Afghanistan

Afghan officials said that training camps for the Taliban and al Qaeda are located in the Iranian cities of Zahedan, Birjan, Maibod, and in the Shamsabad area near Tehran.