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Talks on Iran's nuclear program will resume on Jan. 20. Authorities in Tehran arrested groups of evangelical Christians. The US has charged an ex-CIA officer for leaking national security sensitive information to the New York Times.

Iran - 'American' detained as alleged spy amid crackdown on Christians

Iranian authorities arrested a 55-year-old American woman on charges of spying. A lawmaker said "spiteful states" are not welcome to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iraqi cleric implores followers to show discipline

Iran urged foreign powers to leave Iraq. The son of the deposed Shah of Iran committed suicide. Hardliners seek to bar pro-reform candidates from elections for legislator.

Resurgent Turkey flexes its muscles around Iraq

Tehran excluded the US and invited Russia, China, and the European Union to inspect its nuclear sites. President Ahmadinejad warned the West to stop its "bullying" or face "defeat." Tehran could suspend the stoning sentence for an Iranian woman accused of adultery.

Report: Iran jails nuke scientist after US return

Tehran announced that the Bushehr nuclear power plant is ready to join the grid. Opposition leader Karroubi offered to stand trial if the government would agree to open proceedings.

The way out of Afghanistan

The commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps' air defenses claimed the military shot down two US "highly advanced spy planes" over the Persian Gulf; he said many more have been shot down in the past, but offered no proof.

Iran overhauls education system to erase Western influences

Analysis: Alexandria atrocity will add to Egypt's instability

A spokesman for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps denied a Wikileaks report that said the unit's commander slapped President Amhedinejad. The government executed eight drug smugglers and four criminals.

More on Iranian activities in Afghanistan

Israel estimated that Iran is three years away from producing a nuclear weapon due to setbacks in Tehran's proliferation program. The removal of subsidies on basic goods in Iran has caused political tensions between Supreme Leader Khamenei and President Ahmadinejad.

The Revolutionary Guardsman that wasn't... or was he?

President Ahmadinejad announced that Iran is now a "nuclear state." Iranian fuel consumption has fallen by 20 percent one week after the government ended petroleum subsidies.

Iran executed two men, including one who was accused of being an "Israeli spy." Interior Minister Najjar accused the CIA and Mossad of sponsoring terror groups based in Pakistan such as Jundallah.

Iraqi prime minister says US troops must leave next year as planned