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Afghan traders halt deals with Iran over fuel ban

Iran's fuel blockade of western Afghanistan has caused diplomatic strains between the two countries. Iran's nuclear negotiator defended the country's nuclear program as foreign inspectors left. The Iranian military now claims to have shot down US, UK, and Israeli drones in the Persian Gulf.

The chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps air defense units claimed that two US unmanned military aircraft were shot down outside of Iranian airspace. Afghans protested outside the Iranian consulate in Herat to vent anger at the cutoff of fuel.

Russia warns of 'Iranian Chernobyl'

Iran arms smuggling details to be disclosed

Iran searching for nuclear bomb materials: cables

Assessing the jihadist threat to Azerbaijan

The commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps naval forces said he would display the remains of two US spy planes he claimed were shot down. Iran's nuclear energy chief said the country's nuclear program has not been impacted by sanctions and enrichment of uranium was proceeding.

A former UN official said China is falling short of enforcing sanctions on Iran. A California man pled guilty to attempting to sell a fighter jet to Iran. Pakistan and Iran signed bilateral trade memorandum.

After government collapse, Hezbollah works to get more power in Lebanon

Lebanese government is a step from collapse

Tehran said that time is running out on a possible nuclear fuel swap deal. More Christian missionaries were arrested in Iran. During a visit to the UAE, US Secretary of State Clinton urged the Emirates to stay strong on sanctions against Iran.

Only a threat of force will halt Iran nukes: Israel

Wanted Saudi married to Osama bin Laden's daughter

Interview with IAEA head Yukiya Amano: 'We still know too little about Tehran's nuclear activities'

The Russians considered touring Iranian nuclear sites. Tehran said it would sue Israel in connection with the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist. The US condemned the 11-year prison sentence for an Iranian human rights lawyer.

ISAF captures Qods Force-linked Taliban leader in Afghan west

The Taliban commander, who was captured in Farah province, "is definitely associated with Qods Force," an ISAF official told The Long War Journal.

Iran deported a woman who was arrested this week and accused of being a "US spy." The outgoing chief of Israeli Mossad said Iran will not have a nuclear device until 2015. Afghans are protesting Iran's fuel blockade.

Afghans vent fury with Iran over fuel blockade

Sanctions slow Iran's warhead capability