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The ambassador to Russia said the removal of the nuclear fuel rods from Bushehr is unrelated to the Stuxnet virus. The ambassador to Syria said Arab countries could defeat the US if Egypt, Syria, and Iran joined forces.

Taliban bet on fear over brawn as tactic

Iran's navy chief said his country was prepared to build a port on the Syrian coast. The air force said it was ready to build its own fighters. The nuclear commission will unload fuel from the Bushehr plant.

The IAEA said it received reports that Iran is developing a nuclear-armed missile. The IAEA also said Iran is continuing to pursue its nuclear program despite sanctions.

Arab unrest propels Iran as Saudi influence declines

Iran hunts for uranium

Iran claimed it has developed two new supercomputers. Two Iranian warships that recently passed through the Suez Canal are due to dock in Syria.

The US Treasury designated the head of the Basij militia and Tehran's prosecutor general for human rights abuses. The two Iranian warships have transited the Suez Canal and are en route to Syria. Senegal cut ties with Iran after the latter shipped weapons to rebels.

Voice of America internet site hacked by Iranians

Graphic: Political unrest in North Africa and the Middle East

Two Iranian naval vessels entered the Suez Canal. President Ahmadinejad's regime arrested opposition leader Karroubi's son. The National Iranian Drilling Company evacuated its staff and ceased drilling activities in Libya.

Analysis: Why Arab spring could be al Qaeda's fall

'Anonymous' hackers help Iranian activists fight the regime

Ayatollah Khamenei praised recent revolts around the Arab world as Islamic and said they should be consolidated. Opposition street protests continued in various parts of Tehran.

Iranian Navy exposes a US Navy weakness

US military wants more global partnerships in space

Afghan peace council official: US-Taliban talks hurt Afghan sovereignty

Security forces quell opposition protests in Tehran

A senior official working for the Suez Canal denied reports that Iranian warships passed through the Egyptian waterway; Iran claims two warships transited the canal and are in the Mediterranean Sea. Opposition leader Karroubi dared the regime to put him on trial as the Green Movement gathered for demonstrations.

Unrest encircles Saudis, stoking sense of unease