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Violence escalates in Gaza

Gates tries to soothe Saudis rattled by unrest

Syria military's loyalty to Assad seen as airtight

Islamists prepare for new role

The US Southern Command voiced concern to the Senate over the Iran-Venezuela partnership. Germany scrapped a plan to funnel oil money between India and Iran. The Iranian envoy to the United Nations said Tehran is ready to continue talks with the P5+1.

Iran engaged in espionage on Norwegian soil

Tehran accused PJAK of recent attacks against police in western Iran. Lawmakers demanded that Saudi Arabia apologize to Bahrain for its military incursion.

UN launches investigation into Afghanistan murders

The larger game in the Middle East: Iran

Iran and Kuwait announced the resumption of bilateral ties. The Iran Mercantile Exchange expected to begin trading fuel-oil contracts this month. Tehran has been accused of political meddling in Azerbaijan.

An exiled Iranian religious scholar called for debate about the safety of the Bushehr nuclear power plant. Hong Kong passed an Iran sanctions law. Iran announced it would invest $60 billion in developing the South Pars gas field over the next five years.

A US appeals court backed Iran on the issue of whether Persian antiquities in US museums could be used to pay damages for victims of a 1997 suicide bombing in Israel. The US sanctioned a state-owned energy company in Belarus for doing business with Iran. Tehran welcomed Egypt's offer to reset diplomatic relations between the two states.

Bahrain condemned Iranian meddling in its internal affairs; Qatar denied seizing Iranian ships. India will pay for Iranian oil through the German Central Bank.

Unrest in Syria and Jordan poses new test for US policy

President Karzai flies to Iran

Israeli navy intercepts weapons shipment

Arab countries on the sidelines in Libya campaign

The proxy battle in Bahrain

US sees few good options if Yemen government falls

Gulf Arab states defend military action in Libya