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The European Union sanctioned 32 Iranian officials for human rights abuses. Tehran warned the UN that unrest in Bahrain would spread to the entire Gulf region.

Bahrain says will not disband opposition groups: minister

Ex-Afghan minister: Iran paid Karzai as early as 2003

US says Iran helps crackdown in Syria

Haqqani Network/IMU facilitator targeted in Afghan east

The commander "assists the networks with the acquisition, movement and employment [of] foreign fighters, including Iranians."

Tehran announced its willingness to begin new nuclear talks. President Ahmadinejad criticized US and Israeli foreign policy in the Middle East; he envisioned a "new Middle East" without Western influence.

Iraqi governor says 'terror groups' behind attacks on US forces

Tehran announced plans to construct several more nuclear research reactors. Tehran asked the European Union to stop providing support to the Paris-based PMOI. EU ministers announced plans for more sanctions on Iran due to human rights abuses. Bahrain tried three for spying on behalf of Iran.

South Asia's looming arms race

Israelis conducting global war on Hamas

Violence escalates in Gaza

Gates tries to soothe Saudis rattled by unrest

Syria military's loyalty to Assad seen as airtight

Islamists prepare for new role

The US Southern Command voiced concern to the Senate over the Iran-Venezuela partnership. Germany scrapped a plan to funnel oil money between India and Iran. The Iranian envoy to the United Nations said Tehran is ready to continue talks with the P5+1.

Iran engaged in espionage on Norwegian soil

Tehran accused PJAK of recent attacks against police in western Iran. Lawmakers demanded that Saudi Arabia apologize to Bahrain for its military incursion.

UN launches investigation into Afghanistan murders

The larger game in the Middle East: Iran

Iran and Kuwait announced the resumption of bilateral ties. The Iran Mercantile Exchange expected to begin trading fuel-oil contracts this month. Tehran has been accused of political meddling in Azerbaijan.