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Iran helping Syrian regime crack down on protesters, say diplomats

Power struggle in Iran enters the nosque

The Iranian foreign minister blamed unrest in Syria on a US plots to destabilize the country. The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps received two no-bid contracts to develop natural gas in the Pars fields.

Islamic world quiet as bin Laden age closes

US legislators proposed adding a human rights component to Western-backed sanctions against Iran. Iran claimed that GCC complaints over its "interference" in Bahrain are "baseless". The lawyer for two imprisoned US hikers is hopeful for verdict in the next week.

Report highlights alleged Iran force's Al-Qaeda links

The minister of Mines and Industries said Western-backed sanctions against Iran are ineffective. Iranian wheat consumption is expected to drop with the cutting of farm subsidies. Iran pressed Syria over a missing Al Jazeera journalist.

Hiding bin Laden: Finger of suspicion at ISI

Hackers group says it will target Iran on Sunday

In shift, Egypt warms to Iran and Hamas, Israel's foes

Senior Iranian clergy warned President Ahmadinejad not to overestimate his power. Turkey rejected US and EU sanctions on doing business with Iran's Bank Mellat.

Explosion exposes Egypt-Israel rift

Surprise Palestinian unity deal challenges Israel

Karzai told to dump US

Tehran warned it would retaliate for Bahrain's expulsion of Iranian diplomats from Manama. Security forces discovered a second cyber attack against infrastructure. Two jailed American hikers may get a court date in May.

Syria: The key piece in a regional Rubik's cube

Gitmo docs link Pakistani, Iranian, and Yemeni intelligence agencies to al Qaeda

The Matrix of Threat Indicators for Enemy Combatants document, one of hundreds released by WikiLeaks, described the intelligence agencies of Pakistan, Iran, and Yemen as "associated forces" that support al Qaeda.

Iran targeted by second computer virus, says civil defence commander

Guantanamo documents name Pakistan ISI as al Qaeda associate

Bahrain sees Hezbollah plot in protest