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Iran has intensified crackdown, executions: UN

Basij hackers attacked several opposition websites. Tehran set a trial date for two imprisoned American hikers. China and Iran signed a deal to construct the "world's largest dam" outside Tehran.

Thousands in Lebanon demand Hezbollah be disarmed

Iran 'using child soldiers' to suppress Tehran protests

Iran called on the UN Human Rights Council to investigate Western support for the MKO, the PJAK, and Jundallah. China will help Iran develop the Azadegan oil fields. Iran offered to negotiate with the UAE on the disputed island of Abu Musa.

Gates tells Bahrain's king that 'baby steps' to reform aren't enough

China said it supported Iran's right to peaceful nuclear enrichment under the Non-Proliferation Treaty. President Ahmadinejad's top advisor said the UN Security Council is not a credible body. Tehran plans to issue 3 billion euros' worth of domestic bonds to finance the South Pars gas field.

The US State Department is concerned over reports of Chinese firms aiding Iran's nuclear weapons program. The British military intercepted weapons heading into Afghanistan from Iran.

Official: Iran shipped powerful rockets to Taliban

P5+1 issued a joint statement to Iran expressing a willingness to re-engage in diplomacy. NATO troops found a major shipment of Iranian-supplied munitions in the Afghan province of Nimruz. Iran and Syria announced plans to establish a joint bank.

Former Iranian president Rasfanjani was dismissed as head of the Assembly of Experts. Iran rejected recent IAEA claims about its nuclear program. Tehran announced there is no need for OPEC to increase oil production amid the Middle Eastern crises.

Iran says it welcomes hackers who work for Islamic Republic

US Secretary of State Clinton appealed to Iran for information on a retired FBI agent who went missing in Iran several years ago. The Iranian military tested domestically-produced howitzer artillery. President Ahmadinejad seeks continued diplomatic cooperation with Kenya.

Egypt revolt gave us back our lives: Hamas chief

President Ahmadinejad said US and European firms are bypassing export sanctions. The IAEA is unlikely to take action against Iran and Syria's nuclear programs.

US wavers on 'regime change'

Iranian naval ships returned through the Suez Canal on route back to Iran. Iranians denied President Ahmadinejad's claim that there is no hunger problem in Iran. Tehran agreed to negotiate with Somali pirates over the release of an Indian merchant ship.

US Secretary of State Clinton said Iran is trying to influence various Arab uprisings. Zimbabwe announced that it is willing to supply Iran with uranium for its enrichment program. India resumed crude oil payments to Iran after negotiations.

Afghan tells of his ordeal at the 'center of al Qaeda'

Iran: Repression is a 'domestic' affair