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Watchdog finds evidence that Iran worked on nuclear triggers

The International Atomic Energy Agency said Iran is increasing its uranium stockpiles. The US imposed economic sanctions on seven foreign firms, including Venezuela's state oil company, for their dealings with Iran.

Don't provide Iran with a foothold, US told Pak

'Germany-based Moroccan al Qaeda foreign fighter facilitator' captured in southeastern Afghanistan

The al Qaeda operative is providing intelligence on the Qaeda network that funnels terrorists into Afghanistan. Before he reached Afghanistan, he traveled through Iran, where a recruiter attempted to convince him to become a suicide bomber.

The European Union has tightened sanctions on Iran due to its nuclear program. President Ahmedinejad said Western countries are "using special equipment" to drain clouds of rain and cause droughts in the Middle East.

The hot-money cowboys of Baghdad

Iran 'ignores' earthquake threat to nuclear plant

Iran: Alleged CIA spies included government officials

Why the Taliban won't negotiate

Iran's supreme leader and president wrestle for power

Iranian intelligence claimed to have dismantled a US spy ring and arrested 24 people. The alleged spies were gathering information at "universities and scientific research centers, and in the field of nuclear energy, aerospace, defense and biotechnology industries."

Iran says it dismantles US spy network; 24 held

Israeli leader, Obama clash

The Gitmo Files: Al Qaeda's emir of Zahedan, Iran commits suicide

US quietly expanding defense ties with Saudis

Iran could play role in al-Qaida, post-bin Laden

Analysis: Al Qaeda's interim emir and Iran

saif-al-adel.jpgAl Qaeda's interim emir is reportedly Saif al Adel, a longtime member of al Qaeda and the Egyptian Islamic Jihad. Al Adel has a decades-long relationship with Iran and was protected by the Iranians after 9/11.

Diplomats: IAEA fears Iran hackers

A female Al Jazeera journalist who was detained in Syria and transferred to Iran has been released in Qatar. The IAEA fears that Iran has hacked officials' computers and cell phones.

The Gitmo Files: An agent of Iran

Hamdullah.pngA leaked threat assessment prepared at Guantanamo describes one current detainee and his father as "Iranian agents." The detainee, Haji Hamidullah, allegedly "murdered 71 people." The leaked file connects several others to Iran, including two members of Hamid Karzai's government.