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Iran 'supporting Shi'ite groups in Iraq that are killing US troops'

IRAN: Commander outlines Revolutionary Guard's muscular role in politics and economy

Pakistan's nuclear-bomb maker says North Korea paid bribes for know-how

Suicide attack kills 35 Iraqis north of Baghdad

The attack is the latest by al Qaeda in Iraq against government installations.

Iraq Cracks Down on Iran-Backed Shiite Militias

Hezbollah's military commander indicted by UN tribunal

Iran funnels new weapons to Iraq and Afghanistan

Iran - Supreme Court upholds death sentence for Christian priest

A senior cleric advocated the spread of the Islamic revolution to the US and Europe. The Maersk Line shipping company will no longer do business at the Iranian ports of Bandar Abbas, Bandar Khomeini, and Asaluyeh.

US military sees Iran behind rising troop deaths in Iraq

US steps up efforts for talks with Taliban

Britain accused Iran of testing nuclear-capable missiles; the US said Iran is "bragging" about its missile program. President Ahmedinejad denounced the arrest of four of his followers in the government.

The US, France, and Britain accused Iran of "alarming" violations of UN Security Council sanctions of its nuclear program. Russia and China are blocking a UN report that implicates Iran. The US imposed sanctions on Iran Air, Tidewater Middle East Co., and other firms.

DC district court denies former Taliban governor's habeas petition

Khirullah-Said-Wali-Khairkhwa.jpgIn a decision released on Thursday, a DC district court denied Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwa's petition for a writ of habeas corpus. The court cited Khairkhwa's clandestine meetings with Iranian officials, among other evidence.

The director of Iranian intelligence claimed Iran arrested 30 "US spies" and an additional 42 people are suspected of helping the US. The Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines bypassed US sanctions by using shell companies.

Parliament has moved to impeach Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, an ally of President Ahmedinejad. Security forces arrested four Jundallah members in Sistan and Baluchistan,

US Secretary of Defense Gates said Iran continues to support Shia terror groups in Iraq. Parliament banned the entry of the UN Special Rapporteur on Iran. The commander of the Basij said the UN is "a colonial institution and a puppet of arrogant powers."

Seven Iranian soldiers were killed in a minefield on the Iraqi side of the border in the Kurdistan area. Iran launched a second satellite into earth's orbit.

Iran's foreign ministry spokesman warned the US against launching "a military intervention in any country of the region, including Syria." China is encouraginging Iran to continue negotiations over its nuclear program.

Hezbollah rise in Lebanon gives Syria, Iran sway