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Iran accused the US and Israel of murdering a scientist who was involved with Iran's nuclear program. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei said an Iranian naval presence on the high seas "has made enemies nervous and worried."

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps denied that it shot down an unmanned US spy plane over a nuclear enrichment plant. An Iranian nuclear scientist and his wife were murdered in front of their home in Tehran.

Survivor of Attack Leads Nuclear Effort in Iran

North Korea and Iran 'jointly working on building nuclear missile', report claims

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps claimed it shot down an unmanned US surveillance aircraft near the nuclear facility at the Fordo uranium enrichment site near Qom. Iran has previously claimed to have shot down two other US UAVs over the Persian Gulf this year.

Iranian Incursion Into Iraqi Kurdistan Keeps Regional Players Guessing

Iran is installing upgraded centrifuges to speed up the uranium enrichment process. India is seeking to purchase oil from Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia in case of disruptions in Iran's oil supplies.

ISAF again targets IMU leaders in northern Afghanistan

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei told President Zardari that the US is the real enemy of Pakistan. President Ahmedinejad said Iran hopes to open a gas pipeline to Pakistan by 2013. Argentina demanded that Iran turn over suspects in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center that killed 85 people.

Iran Offers Argentina Help With Bombing Probe

Iran, Pakistan urge stronger ties

Exit Interview: Eikenberry On Tensions With Karzai, Iran's Influence, And The Security Transition

Iran tightens online censorship to counter US 'shadow internet'

US team eyes Iraq weapons trail back to Iran

Iran is preparing to install centrifuges designed for high-grade uranium enrichment in an underground bunker. Iraqi Kurds accused Iran of building roads inside Iraqi territories.

Cyprus says attempted to offload Iran blast cargo

Iran explosives at centre of Cypriot intrigue

Panetta Says Iranian Arms in Iraq Are a 'Concern'

Senior al Qaeda leaders, including Saif al Adel, continue to use Iran as a sanctuary. A top Islamic Revolution Guards Corps official claimed Iran is behind the "Islamic Awakening" in the Middle East.

Academy blocks Iranians from flight training