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New thesis on how Stuxnet infiltrated Iran nuclear facility

Israel suspects Hezbollah will target top Israeli officials

Iran boosts military support in Syria to bolster Assad

Hardline Iran cleric warns against resuming US ties

Abdullah Azzam Brigades launches double suicide attack on Iranian cultural center in Beirut

The al Qaeda-linked group threatened further attacks against Iran and Hezbollah if their forces are not withdrawn from Syria and jihadists are not freed from Lebanese prisons.

Al Qaeda figures or associates linked to Iran

Iran Steadies as Tensions Ease

As part of seven promised "confidence-building" measures on its nuclear program due for completion by May 15, Iran agreed to provide information to the IAEA on its detonators. A top IAEA official said progress at the Feb. 8-9 talks was good but much work remains to be done to examine possible military aspects of Iran's nuclear program. Iran claimed to have successfully test-fired two new missiles, an advanced ballistic missile with a fragmentation warhead and a laser-guided surface-to-surface and air-to-surface missile.

The commander of the Northern Navy Fleet said Iran is sending several warships on a three-month mission in the Atlantic Ocean that will take Iranian ships close to US maritime borders for the first time. In a meeting in Tehran with a top official of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, called Israel the main threat to Middle East peace, urged PIJ to maintain unity, and said the conflict in Syria was an important lesson for the Islamic resistance front.

US adds 4 Qods Force operatives to terrorism list for supporting terrorism in Afghanistan

Three Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force officers and one facilitator who are involved in the "use of terrorism and intelligence operations as tools of influence against the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan" were added to the US' list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

Treasury Department identifies another Iran-based facilitator for al Qaeda

The Treasury Department confirmed today that the head of al Qaeda's Iran-based network, known as Yasin al Suri, is operational once again. Treasury also designated an additional "associate" of al Suri's.

Elephant Campaign: How Africa's 'white gold' funds the al Shabaab militants -

Al Nusrah Front launches another suicide attack in Lebanon

The Al Nusrah Front, the Abdullah Azzam Brigades, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham continue to target Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Report: Senior al Qaeda facilitator 'back on the street' in Iran

Al Jazeera reports that Yasin al Suri, the head of al Qaeda's Iran-based network, is facilitating the terror network's operations from Iranian soil once again. Al Suri was detained by the Iranian government after the US government exposed his network, and the deal between Iran and al Qaeda, in 2011.

Iran can now build and deliver nukes, US intel reports

Israeli Soldiers Confront Hezbollah Terrorists in Lifelike Simulation

UN nuclear chief: Long way to go on Iran nuclear deal

Pakistan security concerns: Pilgrimage route suspended

Foreign Minister Zarif urged all foreign fighters to leave Syria and called on foreign forces to stop "stop funneling funds, money and arms" into Syria. The UN's nuclear watchdog agency asked for funds so it can nearly double the number of personnel working to verify Iran's compliance with the recent agreement on its nuclear program.

US designates Deputy Secretary-General of Palestinian Islamic Jihad

In its designation, the State Department noted that Iran is a key backer of Palestinian Islamic Jihad. In addition, the State Department noted the increase in cooperation between PIJ and Hamas.