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Iran's nuclear chief claimed the country is prepared to cooperate more closely with the IAEA. The Defense Ministry said it was manufacturing its own anti-armor missiles.

If the Arab Spring Turns Ugly

Israel "could not stop" nuclear Iran with one strike

A court sentenced an Iranian man to death for assassinating a nuclear scientist; Iran claimed he was an agent of Israel. Iran said it would defend Syria if NATO intervened. Iran "discreetly" provided food and medical aid to Libyan rebels.

Iran Calls on Syria to Recognize Citizens' Demands

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lashes out at Israel in Quds Day speech

Few Treatment Options for Afghans as Drug Use Rises

Senior al Qaeda leader reportedly killed

Atiyah_Rahman.jpg Atiyah Abd al Rahman, a top al Qaeda leader, was reportedly killed on August 22. Senior US intelligence officials contacted by The Long War Journal would neither confirm nor deny Atiyah's death. Atiyah was al Qaeda's "general manager" and Osama bin Laden's "chief of staff," according to a senior US intelligence official.

Iran and Al Qaeda's 'Operations Chief'

Unsettled Neighbors Leave Israel With Difficult Policy Choices

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Wants Reforms Across The Arab World

Iran and Hezbollah hail rebels

Iran has begun to transfer uranium enrichment centrifuges from the facility in Natanz to an installation in Fordow, near Qom. The IAEA said the move was a "further deviation" from UN Security Council sanctions.

Foreign funds for Hamas hit by Syria unrest: diplomats

Two US hikers who were arrested by Iranian forces and imprisoned in 2009 are said to have been sentenced to eight years in jail for allegedly entering the country illegally and spying. A third US hiker was released on bail last year.

9/11: al-Qaeda didn't act alone

11,604 terrorist attacks in 72 countries in 2010

US troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024

Venezuela rejects US criticism of terrorism effort

State Department: Iran the 'most active state sponsor of terrorism'

The US State Department released its annual Country Reports on Terrorism yesterday. The report mentions Iran's support of the Taliban and refusal to bring senior al Qaeda terrorists to justice.