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Iran Adds Palestine Statehood Wrinkle

Iran's Ahmadinejad attacks West, prompts walk-out

Iran freed two US hikers jailed for spying. Venezuela and Cuba defended Iran's right to run a nuclear program. The EU gave a blanket offer to resume Iran nuclear talks. US-based Iranian opposition groups said Iranians will take to the streets on Friday.

US designates Hamas operative linked to Iran, al Qaeda

Hisham Muhammad Isma'il Abu Ghazala is also linked to Ansar al Islam and has served as an IED and attack facilitator in northern Iraq.

Iraq calls for Syria's Assad to step down

Khamenei throws the gauntlet at the West

US Is Quietly Getting Ready for Syria Without Assad

US officials are considering establishing a direct military hotline with Iran. Iranian forces would finish off the Kurdish rebel group, PJAK, "in the coming days", said Iran's ground forces commander. Iranian authorities have arrested a group of filmmakers and accused them of working for the BBC Persian service, which is banned in the country.

US Weighs a Direct Line to Tehran

Iran has provided sniper units to kill Syrian protesters targeted by the regime of President Bashar Assad. Belarus is the latest country that Western powers suspect of helping Iran to skirt UN sanctions aimed at preventing Tehran from expanding its ballistic missile and nuclear programs.

Turkey "may act with Iran against PKK in Iraq"

The head of Iran's Civil Defense Organization said Iran needs to work out a new paradigm and model for defense against cyber attacks. A court set a $500,000 bail for two US hikers in custody for spying.

Alarmed West dismisses Iran nuclear "charm offensive"

Iraq: Iranian connected militia member arrested

Berlin Terror Suspects: Alleged Connections to Afghanistan

Middle East: Iran praises sacking of Israeli embassy in Cairo

Beyond Cairo, Israel Sensing a Wider Siege

Counterfeit Dollars Flooding Afghanistan

Many Iraqis Have Second Thoughts as US Exit Nears

The 9/11 Decade