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The IAEA will release a report next week on Iran's efforts to develop nuclear weapons. There are two different views on the outcome: the report will be damning and drive several nations to consider military action; or the talk of war is "overheated rhetoric" and diplomatic efforts to restrain Iran's nuclear program will likely continue.

Iran: the damning nuclear evidence

India plans 'world's most dangerous railroad' from Afghanistan to Iran

Iran FM says US buildup near Iraq lacks 'prudence'

Iran praises Iraq as US withdrawal nears

Iraq can't defend itself fully before 2020: general

US Plans Post-Iraq Troop Increase in Persian Gulf

Plausible Culpability

US Justice Department officials indicted five people and four companies for exporting radio equipment to Iran for use in roadside bombs in Iraq. The US Secretary of State encouraged the Iranian opposition to seek international support "as Libya rebels did."

Mao's Rockets and the Eastern Afghan Border War, Part I

Afghan forces soon to take charge in more areas

US Troop Pullout Heightens Concerns Over Iran in Region

Iraqi speaker warns of meddling after US pullout

Iran influence high as US forces leave Iraq

Will a Middle East awash with weapons be Gaddafi's final legacy?

Tehran's Domestic Discontents

US fears more plots from Iran's Quds Force

US Denies Iran Claims That Saudi Plot Defendant Belongs to Exile Group

Is a new Arab order emerging?

Iran's nuclear program has suffered more serious setbacks recently. The US and the UK have frozen the assets of five men accused of an Iranian plot to kill the Saudi ambassador. Iran has secretly executed hundreds of prisoners.