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Bahrain: Alleged terror cell had high Iran links

A massive explosion at a base in Bid Ganeh on the outskirts of Tehran killed 27 members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. The blast is thought to have been an caused by an accident that occurred as ammunition was being moved.

The real reason Arab League punishes Syria: Iran

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei denounced the UN nuclear report as a fabrication and said any invader would "receive a strong slap and iron fist." US Defense Secretary Panetta warned of the consequences of military action against Iran. France threatened "unprecedented sanctions." The US planned to sell "bunker buster" bombs to the UAE.

US Plans Bomb Sales in Persian Gulf to Counter Iran

US defence chief Panetta warns against Iran strike

UN boosting cooperation with Afghans

In the aftermath of the IAEA report on Iran's nuclear program, Iran said it will not retreat "one iota" from its nuclear program. France, Britain and Germany called for tougher sanctions. Russia rejected new sanctions. China favored continued negotiations. Israel said it could carry out strikes on Iran with under 500 civilian fatalities. The US was silent.

UN Says Iran Is Working on Nuclear Arms

Report May Complicate Iran's Defense of Its Nuclear Program

IAEA documents Iranian development of a 'nuclear explosive device'

Gulf Arab States Share Israel's Fears Over Iran's Nuclear Program

Iranian influence seeping into Iraq

Details emerged on the IAEA report on Iranian efforts to develop nuclear weapons including the use of computer models and foreign experts. The Israeli president warned that an attack on Iran was becoming more likely. Russia warned against military action and France said such actions would be destabilizing.

Russia: Israeli threat of strikes on Iran 'a mistake'

IAEA to say Iran nearing nuclear capability: report

IAEA says foreign expertise has brought Iran to threshold of nuclear capability

Panetta Weighs Pentagon Cuts Once Thought Out of Bounds

U.N. claims that Iran made computer models of a nuclear warhead

UN has new Iranian nuke arms claims