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Iran claims it shot down 'Beast of Kandahar' stealth drone

Iraq PM confident in post-US future

Top Iranian officials claim that the deaths of military experts at the Bid Ganeh base on Nov. 12 "had no effect on the self-sufficiency unit" of the IRGC. The blast killed at least 36 members of the IRGC, including the "Godfather" of Iran's ballistic missile program, Major General Hassan Moqaddam. France is temporarily reducing staff at its embassy in Iran.

Qods Force commander Major General Qassem Suleimani may have played a role in organizing the "protesters" that stormed the British embassy in Tehran last week. The European Union published its latest sanctions list on Iran and Syria, formalizing measures against 180 Iranian people and firms and 23 Syrian targets. The US has urged Turkey to impose new sanctions against Iran.

Senate approves $662 billion defense bill

Norway closes Iran embassy

The German Federal Prosecutor's Office says Iran plans to attack US Air Force bases in Germany to disrupt supplies should Iran's nuclear program become the target of airstrikes. Israeli officials claim Iran is developing advanced cruise missiles capable of carrying nonconventional warheads. Iran has released 11 hardline protesters detained for storming the British Embassy and diplomatic compounds in Tehran this week.

A "mysterious" blast damaged parts of a uranium conversion plant near Isfahan earlier this week, despite Iranian claims that the blast occurred during a military maneuver on Monday. New satellite images show the massive destruction of Iran's long-range missile research base which blew up on Nov. 17 after "technicians performed a volatile procedure involving a missile engine."

British Embassy Assault in Iran Dramatizes Internal Feud

Satellite Views Show Destruction From Blast at Iran Site

Violent protesters in Tehran broke into the UK embassy during a demonstration against sanctions imposed by Britain. Militant students removed the British flag, burnt it and replaced it with Iran's flag. In the second British diplomatic compound, in Tehran's north, between 100 and 300 protesters burst in and occupied the property. The state news agency IRNA said the protesters had foreigners in their control, whom they were described as "protecting."

Mystery explosion rocks Iran city

Iran threatened Israel with "150,000 missiles" if Israel launches any military action against the Islamic Republic. Parliament voted to reduce diplomatic relations with Britain. The military claims to have built and deployed three more submarines to its naval fleet.

Analysis: Iran adopts wait and see policy on Syria's crisis

Lobbying by Iranian Group M.E.K. Reaches Across Party Lines

Analysis - EU may believe it can afford to ban Iran's oil

The IRGC aerospace commander warned that Tehran will target the NATO missile shield in Turkey if Iran is attacked. The chief of Iran's Qods Force says he doesn't fear US threats of assassination and is ready for "martyrdom." Iran announced it will soon conduct a massive naval war game, code-named Velayat 90.

Mysterious explosions pose dilemma for Iranian leaders

Iran claimed it arrested 12 CIA spies. Iranian officials say the arrested spies were on a mission to cripple Iran's nuclear, military, and security areas. France is pushing for a European oil embargo on Iran, breaking a diplomatic taboo that could have significant ramifications for the energy market and global economic growth.

Report: Iran lawmaker says 12 CIA agents arrested