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Analysis - EU may believe it can afford to ban Iran's oil

The IRGC aerospace commander warned that Tehran will target the NATO missile shield in Turkey if Iran is attacked. The chief of Iran's Qods Force says he doesn't fear US threats of assassination and is ready for "martyrdom." Iran announced it will soon conduct a massive naval war game, code-named Velayat 90.

Mysterious explosions pose dilemma for Iranian leaders

Iran claimed it arrested 12 CIA spies. Iranian officials say the arrested spies were on a mission to cripple Iran's nuclear, military, and security areas. France is pushing for a European oil embargo on Iran, breaking a diplomatic taboo that could have significant ramifications for the energy market and global economic growth.

Report: Iran lawmaker says 12 CIA agents arrested

Egypt as crucible of Middle East tensions

Canada and the European Union announced further sanctions on Iran. France called for sanctions on an "unprecedented scale," and urged a halt to purchases of Iranian oil and a freeze on its central bank assets. Russia called the sanctions "unacceptable." Iran said the sanctions "will have no impact."

American spies outed, CIA suffers in Lebanon

In a new round of sanctions, the UK ordered its financial institutions to stop doing business with Iranian banks, including the central bank. The US plans to name Iran a "primary money laundering concern." The Iranian foreign minister said sanctions were hurting the economy.

UK severs ties with Iranian banks

The US plans to adopt new sanctions targeting Iran's petrochemical industry. The UN General Assembly passed a resolution condemning an Iranian plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the US.

Iran nuclear: UN voices 'deep concern' over plans

UN nuclear chief says must alert world about Iran

Air Force receives first batch of 30,000-pound bombs from Boeing

Iranian officials meet with Syrian opposition

Karzai aims to set limits on American troops

Iran: Explosion occurred during military research

Iran's civil defense organization detected the Duqu computer virus. Similar to the Stuxnet computer virus, Duqu is aimed at sabotaging Iran's nuclear sites.

Iran: Ahmadinejad goes on the offensive against clerical opponents

Analysis: Israelis doubt world will stop Iran's nuclear quest