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The US plans to adopt new sanctions targeting Iran's petrochemical industry. The UN General Assembly passed a resolution condemning an Iranian plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the US.

Iran nuclear: UN voices 'deep concern' over plans

UN nuclear chief says must alert world about Iran

Air Force receives first batch of 30,000-pound bombs from Boeing

Iranian officials meet with Syrian opposition

Karzai aims to set limits on American troops

Iran: Explosion occurred during military research

Iran's civil defense organization detected the Duqu computer virus. Similar to the Stuxnet computer virus, Duqu is aimed at sabotaging Iran's nuclear sites.

Iran: Ahmadinejad goes on the offensive against clerical opponents

Analysis: Israelis doubt world will stop Iran's nuclear quest

Panetta: Deep defense cuts mean fewer troops

William Hague does not rule out military option on Iran

As US prepares to leave Iraq, Iran's influence looms large

Israel says Iran closer to atom bomb than thought

Bahrain: Alleged terror cell had high Iran links

A massive explosion at a base in Bid Ganeh on the outskirts of Tehran killed 27 members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. The blast is thought to have been an caused by an accident that occurred as ammunition was being moved.

The real reason Arab League punishes Syria: Iran

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei denounced the UN nuclear report as a fabrication and said any invader would "receive a strong slap and iron fist." US Defense Secretary Panetta warned of the consequences of military action against Iran. France threatened "unprecedented sanctions." The US planned to sell "bunker buster" bombs to the UAE.

US Plans Bomb Sales in Persian Gulf to Counter Iran

US defence chief Panetta warns against Iran strike