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US boosts its military presence in Persian Gulf

The US said Iran would cross a "red line" if it tried to close the Strait of Hormuz. Russia said military intervention in Iran would be a threat to Russia's own security. Iran said it would discuss allegations it was involved in nuclear weapons work.

Iran called for revenge for the killing of one of its nuclear scientists. Japan agreed to reduce its imports of Iranian oil. The US imposed sanctions on China's Zhuhai Zhenrong Corp, Iran's largest supplier of refined petroleum products.

Israeli intelligence chief: 'Iran, Hezbollah providing weaponry to Assad'

An assassin killed a Iranian scientist involved in its nuclear program. Iran accused the US and Israel; the US denied responsibility. This was the latest in a series of attacks on Iranian nuclear scientists and facilities.

Study Ranks Countries on Nuclear Security

Hiding in Iran, Raising Suspicions in Europe

Talking to the Enemy: How German Diplomats Opened Channel to Taliban

The US has said Iran's uranium enrichment at an underground bunker was a "further escalation." Russia expressed regret and concern. Europe and Japan moved forward with plans to cut Iranian oil imports.

Pentagon Tries to Counter Low-Cost but Potent Weapons

The IAEA confirmed Iran has started uranium enrichment in an underground bunker. Iran imposed a death sentence on an American man accused of spying. China rejected sanctions on Iranian oil, but it cut Iranian oil purchases anyway.

Iran Trumpets Nuclear Ability at Second Location

President Ahmadinejad will visit Latin America in an attempt to gain local support. The US expelled the Venezuelan consul general over links to an Iranian cyberattack plot. Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor will reach full capacity within weeks.

Iran Will Soon Move Uranium Work Underground, Official Says

Terror on Trial | William Shawcross on Legal Proceedings Against Extremists

The UK threatened military action if Iran attempted to close the Gulf of Hormuz. Western nations prepared contingency plans in case Iranian oil supplies are cut off. Iran prepared to move uranium enrichment into underground bunkers. Iran mounted a crackdown on internet cafes.

Royal Navy sends its mightiest ship to take on the Iranian show of force in the Gulf

For Iranians Held by Pirates, US to the Rescue

No comment on Mullah Omar's claim: US

Iran Mounts New Web Crackdown