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Sanctions Benefit Iran's Revolutionary Guards

Israeli officials worry over Iran's bomb-making abilities

The European Union banned Iranian oil imports. British and French naval ships joined the US carrier group in the Strait of Hormuz. The UN's nuclear watchdog agency confirmed it would send a mission to Iran by the end of January.

As region changes, Hamas movement shifts

Iran warned Saudi Arabia against raising oil production to replace embargoed Iranian oil. Iran asked India to pay for oil in yen to help circumvent sanctions.

After threats, Iran plays down US naval moves

Afghan asylum bids hit 10-year high

US Moves to Shut Embassy in Syria

Major powers divided on approach to Iran

Japan said it would continue to cut imports of Iranian oil. The major powers said they were open to renewed talks with Iran. After Iranian warnings, a US aircraft carrier sailed into waters off Iran. The UK banned Iranian state TV from British airwaves.

Russia said a military assault on Iran could cause a "chain reaction" that would destabilize the world. The US said it was ready for any contingency and that Iran was helping Syria export oil and evade sanctions. The EU is expected to agree on an oil embargo against Iran and a freeze on the assets of its central bank on Monday.

New Bid to Stifle Iran Aid to Syria

Leaders of German al Qaeda cell living in Iran

Leaders of an al Qaeda cell that plotted a Mumbai-style attack in Europe in 2010 and fought alongside the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan are living in Iran.

As Powers Maneuver, Israel Says No Decision Yet to Attack Iran

US officials urged South Korea to reduce oil imports from Iran. The UN's nuclear monitoring agency plans to send a delegation to Iran by the end of January.

Europe is expected to agree to ban the import of Iranian oil by the end of the month. Saudi Arabia said it could make up for the loss of Iranian oil exports. Iran warned Gulf Arab states they would suffer consequences if they raised oil production to replace Iranian oil.

Iran oil sanctions divide Asia's four largest economies

Iran warned oil-producing Gulf states not to boost production if Iran's crude exports are affected by Western sanctions. State television said it had evidence the US was behind the killing of the recently slain Iranian nuclear scientist. The US warned Israel not to attack Iran.

US Warns Israel Against Iran Strike

Thai police say Bangkok bomb plot called off