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A member of parliament said Iran had the capability to build nuclear weapons but will never do so. Turkey's prime minister said he believed Iran did not wish to build nuclear weapons. The US told Iran it would accept a civilian nuclear program if Iran did not develop nuclear weapons.

Abu Musab al-Suri, the New Mastermind of Jihad

China warned against using force on Iran, saying an attack would invite devastating retaliation that would envelop the region. The US continued to tighten sanctions.

Egyptian Islamists pin their hopes on Islamic law

Iran bars Reuters over ninja 'assassin' error

Iran's Efforts to Stir Afghan Violence Provoke Concern

Iran says could hit US if it came under attack: paper

Is the US leaking information to undermine Israel's campaign against Iran?

Opposition says Syrian rebel fighters to get salaries

Afghanistan presses for answers on long-term US military bases

Taliban ambush NATO supply column in western Afghanistan

More than 30 Taliban, seven Afghan security guards, and two Afghan soldiers were killed after the Taliban ambushed a NATO convoy in Farah.

Arab Revolts Risk Fuelling Sectarian Tensions

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan arrived in Tehran for talks over Syria and Iran's nuclear program. Iran's foreign minister announced a date, April 13, for renewed nuclear talks with the group of the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany.

Official Rejects Iran's 'Interference' In Afghan Affairs

Afghanistan - Economic Development Requires Better Security: Foreign Minister

Obama's Over-Hasty Withdrawal: Iraq Is Neither Sovereign, Stable nor Self-Reliant

UK warns of nuclear risk ahead of Seoul summit

Iran 'carried out surveillance of New York City'

A new version of the Duqu software worm, a Stuxnet variant, was found in Iran, indicating that its creators were still at work. A Chinese company sold Iran surveillance systems capable of monitoring landline, mobile, and Internet communications. China criticized US efforts to restrict Iran's oil trade.

US exempts Japan and EU nations from Iran oil sanctions