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UK warns of nuclear risk ahead of Seoul summit

Iran 'carried out surveillance of New York City'

A new version of the Duqu software worm, a Stuxnet variant, was found in Iran, indicating that its creators were still at work. A Chinese company sold Iran surveillance systems capable of monitoring landline, mobile, and Internet communications. China criticized US efforts to restrict Iran's oil trade.

US exempts Japan and EU nations from Iran oil sanctions

Five disasters we'll face if US retreats from Afghanistan

US Simulation Forecasts Perils of an Israeli Strike at Iran

New Hezbollah arms, training jeopardize Israel's aerial supremacy: report

US accelerating cyberweapon research

Iran Intelligence Crisis Showed Difficulty of Assessing Nuclear Data

In Israel, prospect of war with Iran raises questions about home-front defense

UK says Iran blocking website in censorship battle

Oman warns on military confrontation with Iran

US-Russia 'reset' gets a boost with Russian offer of airbase

Despite Bold Talk on Syria, Turkey Sees Limits of Its Power

China bank pulls out of Pakistan-Iran pipeline project

Islamic Jihad seeks 'balance of terror' with Israel

Indian police say Delhi, Bangkok blasts linked

Power Play in the Gulf: Tiny Qatar Has Big Diplomatic Ambitions

The BBC accused Iran of a cyberattack on its Persian news service. An key international financial transactions firm cut ties with Iranian banks, hindering Iran's ability to conduct international business. Iran began stockpiling food ahead of further sanctions.

Iran cut off from global financial system