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US bunker-buster bomb 'ready to go'

Secret Turkish nerve center leads aid to Syria rebels

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei said that economic sanctions would not compel the country to halt its nuclear program. Iran increased the number of uranium enrichment centrifuges in operation. Iran's nuclear facilities were hit by a computer virus.

Iranian nuclear facilities are hit by AC/DC virus

Iran general warns 'hated Arabs' of reprisals for backing Syrian rebels

Iran hedges its bets on Assad and Syria

Bulgaria bomber 'experienced' and had accomplices, says prime minister

Stuxnet thwarted by control code update

Analysis: Iran reformists gird for return to political stage

Analysis: Saudi Shi'ite protests show rise of more radical generation

Iran said it broke up two assassination cells responsible for killing Iranian nuclear scientists. Iran added a new batch of enriched uranium to a research reactor in Tehran.

Israel alert for attacks abroad, eyeing Olympics

New York police link nine 2012 plots to Iran, proxies

Israeli officials say Iran will face retaliation for killing of tourists in Bulgaria

Uprising in Syria puts Hezbollah on the defensive

Suicide bomber targeted Israeli tourists in Bulgaria

bulgaria-suicide-bomber.jpgA suicide bomber dressed in Western clothes and wearing a large backpack is seen scouting the scene of the attack just prior to killing seven people, including five Israeli tourists.

Another cyber espionage campaign found targeting Iran

Iran official admits sanctions are hurting

US 'building missile defence radar' in Qatar

Hillary Clinton: US will use 'all elements of American power' to stop Tehran developing nuclear weapons