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As Western oil sanctions take effect, Iran began shutting down oil production. Government censors warned Iranian media not to report negative economic news. To counter an Iranian threat to close the Gulf of Hormuz, the US deployed a floating operating base, mine sweepers, and sea drones to the Persian Gulf.

Ex-Republican Guards general reveals dissent within elite Iranian force

New Great Game Being Played In Afghanistan, Without The US

Senior al Qaeda ideologue freed in Mauritania

Abu Hafs al Mauritani, a senior al Qaeda ideologue, has been set free in Mauritania. Until earlier this year, Abu Hafs was held under a loose form of house arrest in Iran. His sudden extradition to Mauritania and subsequent freedom worries some US intelligence officials.

In Lebanon, a hard-line Sunni cleric gives voice to deep sectarian tensions

Details emerge on Iran's priorities in nuclear talks

Iran accused French and German spy services of cooperating with the US and Israel in the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists. An Iran state TV poll revealed a majority of Iranians wanted its nuclear program stopped in return for a lifting of economic sanctions.

'Kite Runner' Author On His Childhood, His Writing, And The Plight Of Afghan Refugees

Gulf sabers rattle as Iran sanctions bite

Iran says can destroy US bases minutes after attack

Olympic experts sure they can repel cyber threats

US Adds Forces in Persian Gulf, a Signal to Iran

Sanctions against Iranian oil exports took effect. Iran said it had a stockpile of money and goods to weather the sanctions. However, food prices and unemployment have risen. Iran called for an emergency OPEC meeting as oil prices fell.

Egypt: Govt orders imams to decline invites to visit Iran

Iran: Mursi victory signals 'Islamic awakening' in region

Iranian general: military strike would be the end of Israel

Doubts Raised About US Diplomacy on Iran and Nuclear Issues

US, Israel developed Flame computer virus to slow Iranian nuclear efforts, officials say

Pakistan detains al Qaeda operative tied to multiple plots

An al Qaeda operative named Naamen Meziche has been reportedly detained in Pakistan. Meziche had extensive ties to the 9/11 plotters and was part of a 2010 plot to launch Mumbai-style attacks in Europe. That plot also had significant links to al Qaeda's Iran-based network.

Pakistan nabs French man with reported 9/11 links