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A summit of the 120-nation "Non-Aligned Nations" Movement opened in Tehran. Iran was not clear if the Palestinian organization Hamas would be allowed to attend.

Iran drawing India closer with talks on train, road access to Afghanistan

China's arms exports flooding sub-Saharan Africa

Iran has duty to support Assad: intelligence official

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei has ordered new terror attacks to warn "America, the Zionists, Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others" against intervention in Syria, according to Western intelligence reports. Turkey is investigating a possible Iranian link to a recent car bombing that killed eight people.

US sends aircraft carrier back to Gulf to face Iran, Syria

General Notes Taliban Coercion in Some Attacks on Troops in Afghanistan

US 'significant' in Iraq despite troop exit: Dempsey

Al Qaeda releases biography of slain senior leader

Al Qaeda has released a biography of Atiyah Abd al Rahman, a senior al Qaeda operative who served as Osama bin Laden's chief-of-staff. Rahman "engineered" the December 2009 terrorist attack on Combat Outpost Chapman that killed seven CIA officials and a Jordanian intelligence officer.

Is Iraq helping Iran evade sanctions?

Iran Unveils More Defense Projects

Concerns About Al Qaeda in Syria Underscore Questions About Rebels

Little boat, big danger: how a British-made speedboat has become a weapon in Iran's standoff with the US

Anger as Iran bans women from universities

Egypt president to visit Iran, a first in decades

Iranian Currency Flows Into Afghanistan Markets

US Reliance on Saudi Oil Is Growing Again

Iran's Ahmadinejad says no place for Israel in new Middle East

Unlike US, Europe Has Few Limits on Hezbollah

Families of Iran's slain nuclear scientists filed a lawsuit against Israel, the US, and Britain, accusing them of involvement in the assassinations. Iran has said the deaths were part of a covert campaign to sabotage its nuclear program.