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In a bid to restart nuclear talks, Iran converted a third of its highly enriched uranium into a powder that is difficult to reprocess into weapons. Iran's proposal for a partial suspension of uranium enrichment was rejected by the US. Clerics called the near collapse of the national currency a US-led conspiracy to wage economic war on Iran.

Iran regime fears widespread chaos over rial collapse

Sanctions, currency chaos igniting unrest in outcast Iran

Russia keeps door open to Pakistan after Putin cancels trip

As Rial Slides, So Do Iranians' Dreams

Clashes and Protest Over Iran Currency Plunge Hit Tehran

In Tehran, riot police clashed with demonstrators protesting against President Ahmadinejad, blaming him for the plummeting currency. Cyberattacks on Iranian infrastructure and communications companies disrupted internet services.

Qassim Suleimani, Iran's Master of Iraq Chaos, Still Vexes the US

Iran may still be years away from any nuclear-armed missile

Iranian economy on verge of collapse, says Israel

Iran's rial hits an all-time-low against the US dollar

Tehran split over billions spent to support Assad's regime

Jewish groups say conspiracy theory over anti-Islam film won't die

Insight: Azerbaijan eyes aiding Israel against Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said Iran would have enough uranium to make a nuclear bomb by next summer and that a "red line" should be drawn to stop it. Iran warned it would retaliate against any attack.

EXCLUSIVE: Senior al Qaeda figure 'living in Libyan capital'

UN nuclear inspectors in acute dilemma if Iran faces attack

A senior commander of the Republican Guards said a cyber war was more dangerous to Iran than a physical war. President Ahmadinejad railed against Israel and the US in a speech at the UN.

Muslim rage over Prophet film fed by hunt for America's free speech `red lines'

Iran cut off Internet access to Google search, YouTube, and Gmail. A government news agency said the reason was YouTube's refusal to take down an inflammatory movie trailer about the Prophet Mohammed. Others cited the use of social media in anti-government demonstrations.